WATCH: F1 2021 Looks AWESOME! | Traxion.GG News

Rich Hutson
WATCH: F1 2021 Looks AWESOME! | Traxion.GG News

What a week it has been, we need a lie-down!

We went hands-on with the next blockbuster Formula 1 game, F1 2021, creating three features and videos for you to enjoy Traxion.GG fans.

Then, iRacing released a massive 2021 Season 3 patch for PC-playing subscribers, which included a shedload of brand-new content available for purchase. Then there were the rumours of a possible return for a long-standing arcade racing game that’s been absent for far too long…

If that wasn’t enough, we had live esports streams on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel for both the ADAC GT Master Championship and the NASCAR Heat 5 Summer Showdown.

To cap it off, Fanatec managed to have a strong work ethic than the Traxion team, revealing multiple new hardware items which are proving to be very popular with the sim racing crown across PC, Xbox and PlayStation (depending on which model it is).

For the full lowdown on all these stories and a whole lot more in under five minutes, you know what the score is – watch the latest episode of Traxion.GG News.

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