Thrustmaster SF1000 display support added in iRacing Season 3

Justin Melillo

Fantastic news for Thrustmaster SF1000 owners was detailed in the patch notes for iRacing’s Season 3 build notes. Support will be enabled for the Thrustmaster SF1000 display in Wednesday’s 2021 Season 3 update. One of the biggest features of Thrustmaster’s new steering wheel model is that giant 4.3” LCD display, but its integration into many sims and games has been limited so far.

In fact, as far as we know, only the current and upcoming Formula 1 games had that full integration before today, and now it can be utilized in the iRacing sim, albeit with the tyre temperature and time statement displays only accessible during a pit stop and not in real-time, avoiding any competitive advantage for SF1000 owners.

Per the build notes, the data is updated when a pit stop is performed, and as it is with all other parts of the iRacing sim, no real-time tire info will be displayed. Still, it’s huge to have that data in hand without having to swap f-boxes mid-corner at speed. 

  • From the iRacing Build Notes: “Support for the display on the new Thrustmaster SF1000 wheel has been enabled. You can turn this on and off with the “Control LCD wheel displays” checkbox in the Sim Options menu. Tire data is not sent to the wheel, other than core temperatures and wear being updated when you stop in your pit box. This matches the rest of the Sim where no real time tire info is displayed. To make this work you will need to be on the latest version of the Thrustmaster driver (2.TTRS.2021 rc29), and you will need to update your drivers and firmware to enjoy the full support of SF1000 in iRacing.” 

The 4.3” LCD display is definitely a huge selling point on the wheel as it’s not as common on wheels in this lower price range. iRacing has a new Grand Prix Championship Series coming this year utilizing iRacing and Dallara’s take on a Formula 1 styled car, so Thrustmaster users could have a substantial advantage if they’re using this wheel. 

Traxion actually has one of these hot commodities in our possession and Rich Hutson did a proper review on it. I’ve linked that video again down below.

Back then, it was only working fully with F1 2020, but now it will work with iRacing and will be good to go as well when F1 2021 comes out next month. What other games would you like to see fully integrated with this wheel? Let us know down below! 

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