WATCH: A very late introduction to BeamNG.Drive, Episode 6

Six episodes into our journey through BeamNG.Drive and I am still discovering new modes.

Yes, this game is still not a finished release, yet there’s so much to it that two hours worth of videos in, we’ve still barely scratched the surface.

If variety is the spice of live, then BeamNG.Drive is a vindaloo curry.

Today it’s the turn of the Light Runner section of the game, which is based around the Glow City environment – first seen in episode three of my exploration. I’m getting distinct Tron vibes thanks to the dark city contrasted with bright neon colours. You’re lucky I didn’t wear my Daft Punk helmet for this episode…

Here you are running time trial challenges in the funky environment with banked curves and sharp inclines in what reminded me of, just slightly, the current Trackmania title.

Join my for the ride through the sci-fi world and next time I’ll attach some glow sticks to my forehead.

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