WATCH: A very late introduction to BeamNG.Drive, Episode 3

We a just two short months away from the six-year anniversary of BeamNG.Drive being released via Early Access on Steam. Six years! 

It’s been a long, public, sometimes difficult, gestation period for the crash-physics-based game, and one that looks set to continue well into 2021. This is a great thing because as a player you get to feel part of a movement. I was there, before it broke free of Early Access and became a complete game. I had a hand in its final form, to a certain degree. 

It also helps that Beam continues to be absolutely mental. Like, completely batshit. You need to check this out at your earliest convenience, but after you’ve watched this video, naturally. 

Watch as I got lost in the world of soft-body physics once more. Join me for the ride. 

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