Trackmania’s Spring 2021 Campaign is now live

Trackmania’s Spring 2021 Campaign is now live

Hey, you, PC-owning race fan. Trackmania is free-to-play these days after a futuristic reboot, and its new Spring Campaign is now available.

Simply boot the game, install the latest update and 25 new tracks with 100 medals have now been added for no extra charge. How good is that? So, if you want to have fun but also get incredibly frustrated, this is the update for you.

John recently went hands-on with the game, which really gets the competitive juices flowing!

It’s worth bearing in mind that these new maps will replace the current Matchmaking 3v3 maps, which is the beta competitive mode.

But what if you still want to play the tracks and challenges from the previous Summer, Fall and Winter Campaigns? Well, you can, if you buy the Standard or Club access. Standard costs $9.99/£8.59 for one year and Club costs $29.99/£25.99 for the same period.

For now, enjoy the brief trailer for the new content below and let us know on social media if you’re going to be playing this new update.

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