WATCH: 8 Real Racing Tracks Saved by Sim Racing

Unfortunately, many racing venues across the globe have seen their final race. Among the historic racing venues that have been around for years, there are many more that no longer operate at any capacity.

The idea of a “lost speedway” isn’t a new concept. Dale Earnhardt Jr hosts a show that discusses defunct race tracks over in the United States, aptly named Lost Speedways.

Many people across the world have lost what may have been considered a home track or favorite place to race. There are likely more abandoned Motorsport facilities than we all probably realize, but there is one way to preserve these circuits.

Behold the power of computerized sim racing technology. Imagine racing on a favourite course of yours, but on a computer. That’s exactly what we are bringing to the table in this video.

We’ve put together a list of race tracks that don’t host actual races anymore, but have been preserved digitally. Games such as iRacing, TOCA Race Driver 3 and even CART World Series have some bygone venues stored within. We’ve got eight of them here, but let us know what else we may have missed!

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