This week’s GT Sport Daily Races are a punch up

Thomas Harrison-Lord
This week’s GT Sport Daily Races are a punch up

It’s another week and time for a fresh batch of curated online ranked races to take part in within GT Sport. 

Across all three races this week, you have the chance of using boxer engines – hence the punch up. Aha. 

The horizontally opposed, where the cylinders are located on either side of a central crankshaft, engine is a unique proposition, delivering a block that is physically shorter than conventional internal combustion engines, lowering the car’s centre of gravity. This, in theory, helps vehicle handling and also provides a unique, burbling, engine tone when turbocharged.

In the Toyota GT86 and Subaru Boxer Engine Rear-wheel-drive Zenith (or BRZ to you and me) that means a 2.0 naturally aspirated 4U-GSE/FA20 unit fitted with Toyota’s D-4S direct injection system, while in the Impreza, you have the force-induced EJ20 unit. 

Duck into the race details below and hook us up if you manage to win with a boxer-engine knockout. Okay, I’ll stop with the boxing reference now, promise…

GT Sport Daily Races 7th June 2021
GT Sport Daily Races 7th June 2021

Race A this week sees the choice of either a GT86 or BRZ, both in their standard N200 specification and around the full-length Autopolis International Racing Course. Even though it’s only three laps, that’s a long track for the torque-starved sportscars. 

Subaru BRZ drifting

Next up, Race B, and things are much quick with any Gr.4 car of your choice. Four laps of the fairly ordinary Sardegna Road Track A will be dispatched in around 15 minutes.  

To stay in keeping with our arbitrarily enforced boxer-only challenge, you can use the Subaru WRC Gr.4 or the Toyota 86 Gr.4. 

Toyota 86 Gr.4 Sardegna

Last on this list this week is Race C, and as is the norm, it involved strategy. The Nürburgring GP layout in the venue for 10 laps in any Gr.3 car. 
For us, we only have one choice for this event, the Subaru WRC Gr.3. There’s nothing stopping you using the AMG GT3 or the R8 LMS, but then, where’s the fun in that?

Subaru WRC STI Gr.3 Nurburgring

Full details of each race are below, and the playlist will next reset on Monday 14th June 2021. Don’t forget that the FIA GT Championships 2021 World Series are also underway.

Race A 

Car: N200 – Toyota 86 GT ’15 or Subaru BRZ S ’15
Track: Autopolis International Racing Course
Laps: Three
No. Of Cars: 12 
Duration: 15 Minutes
Tyres: Sports Hard
Fuel Consumption: None 
Tyre Wear: None 
Start Type: Grid Start

Race B 

Car: Gr.4, any 
Track: Sardegna Road Track A
Laps: Four
No. Of Cars: 16 
Duration: 15 Minutes
Tyres: Racing Medium
Fuel Consumption: None 
Tyre Wear: None 
Start Type: Rolling Start

Race C 

Car: Gr.3, any
Track: Nürburgring GP
Laps: 10
No. Of Cars: 20 
Duration: 25 Minutes 
Tyres: Racing Medium or Racing Soft, mandatory use of both
Fuel Consumption: 1x 
Tyre Wear: 7x 
Start Type: Rolling Start

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