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Formula Ultimate Generation 2 revealed for Automobilista 2

Formula Ultimate Generation 2 revealed for Automobilista 2

The Formula Ultimate Generation 2 was announced by Reiza Studios over the weekend for Automobilista 2, and the cars will feature a close interpretation of the 2022 Formula 1 regulations.

A development update post appeared over the weekend from Reiza Studios, that in which unveiled an upcoming interpretation of a 2022 spec Formula 1 car coming to Automobilista 2.

The Formula Ultimate Generation 2 will have a turbo V6 engine, updated drafting effects, and more advanced ERS modelling with adjustable options for deployment modes.

It’s all based around the 2022 Formula 1 regulations, and that’s including wing shapes, tire sizes, chassis, just pretty much all of it. Honestly, even though it’s not an official Formula 1 car, it sure does look similar.

In comparison, rFactor 2 has the Formula Pro, which has a lot more power with a fantasy V10 engine. Also, iRacing‘s interpretation, the Dallara iR-01, is a more simplified single-seater, also with a V10.

AMS2’s upcoming Formula-style car will be a more current-day interpretation as opposed to a fantasy interpretation, though iRacing also has the Mercedes-AMG W12 E Performance in their stable from 2021 and will eventually have the W13 to play with.

Also, don’t forget that F1 2022 is likely due to be announced at some point, and they’ll likely have the closest possible product, the officially licensed racecars for every current team.

As for this Formula Ultimate Gen2, I’m excited to give it a try. The car will be a free addition to the base game, likely in the next update which has not been announced yet. There are plenty of F1-type tracks to give it a whirl on as well, so it should be a good time.

This upcoming update will also include the 2022 Stock Car Brazil Pro Series cars, along with the roster changes. On top of that, there will be another added track – Galeão Airport Temporary track – and if I’m reading it right, at least Galeão, if not all of this, should be out before 10th April when the real life Galeão event is set to take place.

We’ll keep you updated as things roll out. Be sure to keep it pinned.

Images thanks to Reiza Studios

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