The Porsche Mission R concept’s interior doubles as a sim racing cockpit

Porsche Mission R electric GT racing car concept

Today, Porsche revealed what it thinks could be the future of customer GT racing, with the Mission R concept.

The BEV vehicle showcases a vision for “sustainable mobility” – or in plain English, battery-powered racing with aerodynamic aids and body panels made from neutral fibre reinforced plastic (NFRP) as opposed to the environmentally irresponsible carbon fibre.

Under the skin, in theory, there’s independent suspension all around, with a double-wishbone setup at the front, brake-by-wire and electronic power steering. Power is monumental at 800kW (1073bhp in old money) resulting in this 1500kg and all-wheel-drive monster reaching a top speed of over 186mph and 0-62mph in less than 2.5 seconds.

What really intrigues us at Traxion.GG, however, is that the interior is said to double as a sim racing rig. Huh.

The monocoque-style drive cell “is designed as a self-contained module and can be used in exactly the same form outside the vehicle as a simulator,” explains Porsche.

Porsche Mission R sim rig cockpit esports

You don’t extract it from the vehicle and plug-in peripherals and gaming hardware, but instead, purchase a second identical cockpit that is used at home. This way, your racing and esports environments are identical. In theory, of course – this remains a flight of fancy concept, for now.

The ‘identical’ nature continues with a functioning display in the same layout as the race car and Stuttgart’s most successful sports car manufacturer also touts “movable, electrically controlled supports”, to simulate dynamic forces. This sounds akin to a D-BOX setup.

Porsche Mission R interior

The notion that Porsche is thinking about integrating virtual driver training into a car that’s designed primarily for affluent part-time racers is intriguing. But, again, it’s a concept. This doesn’t function as it stands, even if it looks rather sleek and sounds like a great idea in principle.

As it’s 2021, the car also has the ability to live stream your racing from onboard. So you could be on Twitch driving around Monza, then hop into your sim rig brethren and continue your broadcast on Assetto Corsa.

Porsche Mission R electric GT racing car concept rear view

In reality, the Mission R is something that ties together Porsche’s Formula E involvement and previews design cues of the upcoming electric Boxster replacement. Give it a few more years though, and if the link between esports and a Porsche racing programme is this close, count us in.

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