SnowRunner Season 4: New Frontiers drops on 18th May

SnowRunner Season 4: New Frontiers drops on 18th May

The folks behind SnowRunner continue to drop big news for their big day coming up on 18th May. 

We recently reported on the news that the popular terrain simulation platform was coming to both the Nintendo Switch and to Steam on the same day, but now another expansion will also release on 18th May in the form of Season 4: New Frontiers

The setting for Season 4 is Amur Oblast in Russia. The update includes four new maps and brand-new objectives, with the primary focus being to “rehabilitate an old and abandoned rocket launch site on behalf of a private rocket company looking to reach the stars,” per the press release.  

The size of the playable terrain is 12 square kilometers in game, with the four the maps included named Urska River, Cosmodrome, North Aegis Installation, and Chernokamensk. 

Two new vehicles will also be a part of the new expansion, the ZiKZ 605-R and the Khan 317 Sentinel scout, as well as a number of customizable items like hood ornaments, some exclusive to the Season Pass and Premium Edition owners. Of course, there will also be some free new trials to tame as well for all players. 

Celebrating a full year of additional SnowRunner content, this does seem to be the final piece of content for this edition of the Season Pass. Not bad going!

If you own the Season Pass or the Premium Edition of the game, the upcoming SnowRunner updates will be available without further payment. The base game is available now on the Epic Games store for $39.99 with the Season Pass available for an extra $24.99. Console users can find the Premium Edition of the game on the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store for $69.99.

The 18th of May can’t get here quick enough! 

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