RiMS Racing is now available on Switch everywhere

Thomas Harrison-Lord
RiMS Racing Nintendo Switch photo mode

We’ve already experienced RiMS Racing on PC and the ‘big’ consoles, heck on Switch too – but one important market and platform combination has been waiting until now.

RiMS Racing is now available on Nintendo Switch in North America.

Happy virtual motorcycle racing day portable fans!

RiMS Racing Switch Zolder

For the uninitiated, the game is a motorcycle simulator where you select one of eight bikes and upgrade, replace and modify hundreds of parts as you progress through a single-player campaign. It’s something truly unique for bike fans, if perhaps not quite as polished as we hoped for.

In our review, we said: “There’s real heart in RiMS Racing. RaceWard Studio is clearly filled with talented and passionate individuals who really care about motorcycles. But I can’t help but feel it needs another year in the oven. I hope they don’t get disheartened because the potential is here for a game that is not just different, but enjoyable too.”

The PC version has received some upgrades to visuals and AI recently. In a tweet, it is said following this release, the team will be working on all console platforms receiving updates too.

Let us know the comments below if you’ll be picking this up on the popular hybrid console.

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