RiMS Racing development video explains tyre model and teases Silverstone

RiMS Racing development video explains tyre model and teases Silverstone

We’ve already been hands-on with an early build of motorcycle simulator RiMS Racing, but as the title nears its August release, more information has been uncovered thanks to a series of development diaries.

The latest videos, two of four episodes are so far available on the Nacon YouTube channel, highlight the effort put in my new Italian game creation house RaceWard Studio.

The game is very unique, as there’s just as much attention on the off-track bike preparation as there is the on-track racing.

There will be 10 real-world tracks in the game, alongside five famous riding roads. Up until now, we haven’t been able to see Silverstone in action, but this new documentary video provides the first glimpse – and of course, being in Britain, it’s raining.

Make no mistake, this game will be a simulation. The team has struck up a relationship with the Politecnico di Milano – the Polytechnic University of Milan – the develop the tyre wear algorithm. Longer races will be a feature as you progress through the career, that also involve quick-time-event pitstops.

The parts and accessory suppliers in the game will feature many well-known licenced motorbike part manufacturers, including leading clothing and protective gear creators Dainese. Over the recent weeks, the RaceWard Studio social media feeds have been announcing parts suppliers, including Brenta brakes, Zard exhausts, Brembo, Accossato Racing, Rapid Bike ECUs and Held rider protection among many others.

All parts in the title are modelled on real-life parts, whether that is for your motorcycle or rider.

RiMS Racing releases 19th August 2021 in Europe and 24th August 2021 in the Americas for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC. There is also a European Manufacturers Deluxe Edition, a Japanese Manufacturers Deluxe Edition and an Ultimate Edition includes, all three feature 48-hour early access.

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