rFactor 2 adds Tillotson T4 Series for KartSim

The latest content from Studio 397 regarding rFactor 2 focuses on the KartSim content with the release of a new Tillotson kart circa 2019.

The Tillotson T4 Series is a cost-effective entry point into competitive karting in the real world. The real kart costs about €3,250.00 directly from the manufacturer, but you can own the virtual version on rFactor 2 for less than €5.00.

The new kart is also available to download if you own the KartSim Esports Pack, the KartSim Upgrade Pack, the KartSim Kart Pack, the KartSim UK Track Pack or the KartSim European Track Pack.


  • Capacity: 225cc 4 Stroke
  • Power: 15HP
  • Engine Weight: 17 kg


  • Overall weight 69 kg to reduce fuel consumption and provide a more nimble driving experience
  • PVL Digital Ignition limited to 6,500rpm
  • Tillotson HW Series carburettor calibrated for the TPP-225RS engine
  • Engine is sealed, so no tuning is permitted—only adjustment to the valve clearance is allowed
  • Up to 30 hours engine life without maintenance
  • Billet CNC machined connecting rod/flywheel for improved strength and reliability
  • New design Tillotson crankcase with extra support for the higher power output

New Kart racing Esport series also coming soon

With the announcement of the new kart comes the announcement of a new Competition System Esport as well. Starting 11th September, a “limited-time esport series” in the rFactor 2 Competition System will run featuring the new kart and select kart tracks.

Those who qualify through will have a chance at a real-life karting opportunity in the T4 Series World Championship. You love to see when virtual opportunities turn into real-life opportunities.

More information will be announced before the start of the series, so we’ll keep you informed when that drops. Tell us your thoughts on the new kart and esport series in the comments below!

Images thanks to Studio 397

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