Pros dominate first round of the 2021 eSports WRC Championship

Thomas Harrison-Lord
WRC 9 esports 2021 round one

Round one of the 2021 World Rally Championship esports series is now complete, and despite it being open to all players of WRC 9, esports pro drivers headed the timesheets.

Held over two Rallye Monte Carlo stages, the competition finally got underway after a technical error initially. The championship will take place over 14 events, with each event counting towards a points tally, culminating in a season finale to crown the ultimate victor.

After round one, it was Lebanese teenager Sami-Joe who took the top step, part of the Seventh Gear eSport Club. He was nearly six seconds clear of P2, two-time WRC esports winner Nexl driving for Race Cutch esports team. His teammate, Izamusing was third a further six seconds back.

The Williams Esports team had a strong showing, with positions eight to ten covered by the squad’s three drivers. In fact, all of the top ten positions were by drivers from either Seventh Gear, Race Clutch or Williams.

Certainly, in this round at least, the professionals are dominating. The next rally, in a reshuffled calendar, is across the Swedish stages and is open for participation between 19th and 22nd February 2021 within the WRC 9 game on all formats.

The winning run is below and as someone who plays a fair amount of WRC 9, it’s hard to imagine the amount of practice required to be that precise throughout the whole stage. It’s mind-boggling.

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