PowerWash Simulator hits PlayStation

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Following a PC launch last year, the moreish virtual cleaning experience is now available on more devices.
PowerWash Simulator hits PlayStation

Now, we’re well aware that this isn’t a racing game, heck, most of the levels don’t include vehicles.

But… you can clean cars. In fact, several of the challenges are just that – from an SUV, to a quad bike and even a giant monster truck. They aren’t licenced vehicles, but you try to tell me that turning a mud-covered station wagon into a gleaming showroom-ready centrepiece isn’t satisfying?

PowerWash Simulator PS4 PS5 Train

The slow pace of gameplay makes PowerWash Simulator relaxing, calming. The perfect antidote to a 24-hour sim race.

The FuturLab developed, Square Enix published, Mrs Hinch-inspired game hits both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, today, 31st January 2023.

PowerWash Simulator PS4 and PS5 release date

31st January 2023.

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