Omega Edition FPE, GXL wheels added to Gomez Sim Industries catalog

Two new steering wheel rims are on the market from Gomez Sim Industries. Both wheel rims under the ‘Omega Edition’ branding, consumers can find the new Formula Pro Elite and GXL Pro rims on the GSI website.

Both new rims come with the same button layout and a fresh color scheme: a black, gray and yellow design.

The Formula Pro Elite Omega Edition comes with a hi-res LCD screen and a higher price tag, starting at $1,250. The GXL Pro Omega Edition doesn’t have the screen or the LED shifting lights and will start at $875. There are other editions of both of these wheels also available. On top of that, customization on either of these products is an option.

Both wheels come with the seven-way funky switch, 10 momentary buttons, five rotary encoders with push button functionality and a pair of aluminum magnetic shifters. For an extra cost, both wheel types can be fitted with a dual clutch and/or carbon fibre paddles.

These GSI rims are compatible with Simucube, Virtual Racing School, Accuforce or Fanatec DD bases. For the Accuforce and Fanatec bases, the Accuforce QR or the Podium Hub are needed for those bases from their respective manufacturer to properly function.

These premium rims aren’t cheap by any means, but professional race car driver Tony Kanaan swears by them. Also, have you heard of Dave Cam by chance? He’s recently picked up a Formula rim from the premier manufacturer to go with his current setup.

The manufacturer, based in Texas, has its products available to buy at Micro Center locations. You can also get these products directly online. On its Twitch channel, you can watch certain customers’ wheels getting built and tested. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Is the latest ‘Omega Edition’ color combination the perfect edition to your future build? Are there any other color combinations you’d pick otherwise? Let us know your thoughts of the Gomez Sim Industries lineup down in the comments!

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