New karts and tracks arrive for rFactor 2’s KartSim content

Thomas Harrison-Lord
New karts and tracks arrive for rFactor 2’s KartSim content

The team at Studio 397 has been very busy of late, recently launching Monza, the BMW M4 Class1 and Formula Pro single-seater.

It’s also been hard at work on existing content too, evidenced by the release of a large update to the KartSim add-on, plus additional karts and venues to purchase bundled into new DLC packs.

rFactor 2 KartSim PBR update Alaharma

First of all, existing KartSim owners will now benefit from the adaptation of physically based rendering (PBR) to the six circuits. Adria, Alaharma, Buckmore Park, Glan Y Gors, Kristianstad and Paul Fletcher International are now more detailed in their appearances, following on from other PBR-based updates of late such as Lime Rock Park and Sebring.

Then there is the new paid content which includes two brand-new karts.

IAME Mini Cadet X30 rFactor 2 KartSim

The IAME Mini Cadet X30 will require smooth inputs, as keeping up momentum is crucial to a quick lap time. It uses a 60cc engine and is designed primarily for 8-13-year-old drivers. Use this to get up to speed with the tracks and refine your race craft.

IAME KZ rFactor 2 KartSim

At the other end of the scale, the new IAME KZ is the most powerful kart in rFactor 2, introducing you to the world of shifters. There’s a 125cc engine and six gears to work your way through, and due to the rapid lap times, competitive use on larger circuits is possible.

Four new, real-world, karting circuits are now also available. Whilton Mill 2021, Larkhall WSKC 2021, Zuera International Circuit 2021 and Wackersdorf 2021 cover England, Scotland, Spain and Germany. All feature the PBR aesthetics from the off and brings up the karting track count to 10 in total.

Wackersdorf 2021 rFactor 2 KartSim

For those of you looking to dip into KartSim for the first time, there’s a brand new ‘KartSim Esports Pak’ which includes all 10 tracks and four karts for €39.56/£33.92/$46.96. If you already own the initial KartSim content and would just like the new additions, then the ‘KartSim Upgrade Pack’ includes just the four new circuits and four new karts for €15.12/£12.96/$17.96.

There’s also the ‘KartSim Kart Pack’ that simply includes all four karts for €10.08/£8.64/$11.96 and two packs for just tracks: ‘KartSim UK Track Pack’ for €20.40/£17.48/$24.20 and ‘KartSim European Track Pack’ for €20.40/£17.48/$24.20.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be dipping back into rFactor 2’s KartSim, or trying it for the very first time thanks to these new additional packs.

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