MotoGP 22 update adds Race Director online mode

MotoGP 22 update adds Race Director online mode

The online Race Director allows you to become a camera operator for online leagues and has been added post-release to the MotoGP 22 game.

Absent since launch, the latest MotoGP 22 game update has reinstated the online race director lobby option.

For the uninitiated, this allows you to host an online race where you sit back and control the camera angles while the other participant’s race. This could be useful for leagues who may want to produce videos of the action, similar to the Spector Mode recently added to Wreckfest.

MotoGP 22 Race Director match

In addition to the returning online lobby feature, the 2009 riders and liveries can now be used in Grand Prix and Championship mode. Previously, these were mainly for use in the NINE Season 2009 story, but if you fancy running a whole year with full-length races against 2009 rivals, you can.

MotoGP 22 2009 rider in Grand Prix

Other smaller fixes include further re-balancing of rider performance based upon the real-world 2022 season – presumably Bastianini is now a beast – and the repositioning of the rider number for the Honda motorcycles.

The full changelog is below. Let us know in the comments below if you’re currently enjoying the MotoGP 22 game.

MotoGP 22 May game update changelog

  • New Game Mode: Race Director
  • Re-Tuning of the official rider’s skill according to the ongoing season
  • 2009 Additional liveries can now be used in Grand Prix & Championship mode
  • Fix on the custom number of the Honda bikes
  • Minor Fixes

Source: MotoGP Game

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