Wreckfest’s latest tournament update, Racing Legends, adds a free new track

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The Torsdalen Circuit is free for all players, across all game modes and includes four layout variations. New console spectator features and qualifying options have also been added.
Wreckfest's latest tournament update, Racing Legends, adds a free new track

Wreckfest is continuing to receive more new content through its monthly Tournament updates, and for May 2022, the Racing Legends additions provides a new track alongside several quality of life improvements.

Torsdalen Circuit venue

The Torsdalen Circuit is all-new, and not a revised or expanded layout of an existing track. With a rallycross/folkrace theme, it comes in four flavours – main, short and both reversed – and is named after Wreckfest modder Tor Ole Lerbæk aka Very End. They also had a hand in this design.

As is the case with a Tournament update, there will be a new Season Challenge that will make use of the new content. This time, you will be using the Roadslayer GT at the new Torsdalen venue, scoring more points for each metre travelled in a strong position.

There will also be a new paint bundle for the Roadslayer GT to spend accrued Fame points on should you wish.

Spectator mode now on console

Previously the reserve of PC players, added in a December 2021 update, online lobby hosts, admins and moderators can set up players to be spectators.

Sp[ecators can use the photo mode during online events and cycle through various replay-style cameras – ideal for capturing footage of epic battles.

Wreckfest Torsdalen Circuit

Qualifying modes now available

If you so choose, drivers can now qualify for race events. This comes in two forms:

  • Qualifying Sprint – the order is based on the finishing position of a qualifying race
  • Qualifying Lap – the grid will be set according to a lap time posted during a qualifying session

Online cups

A cup mode is now available natively for online players, meaning points will be scored across multiple events. Fancy creating a championship with some friends? Now you can without the need for pen and paper.

The full changelog is listed below and let us know in the comments if you’ll be firing up Wreckfest to try the new content and modes.

Wreckfest May 2022 update changelog

Game version

PS5: 1.019
PS4: 02.19
PC: 1.286966


  • New track Torsdalen Circuit with two layouts in both forward and reverse configurations.
  • Server admins note: the internal designation for the track and its layouts are as follows:

Main Circuit: forest13_1
Main Circuit Reverse: forest13_1_rev
Short Circuit: forest13_2
Short Circuit Reverse: forest13_2_rev


  • New tournament season: Racing Legends
  • New reward bundles for Roadslayer GT and Tristar


  • (Consoles) Added a multiplayer Cup Mode for server-side points tracking across multiple events. Within the Session Mode options
  • (Consoles) Players can be now set as spectators by Host/Admin/Moderator in the lobby.


  • Qualifying session option added
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