iRacing Fanatec GT Challenge – Porsche GT3R Summit Point Track Guide Season 3 2021 Week 9 | Dave Cam

With the streets of Long Beach long behind, iRacing’s Fanatec GT Challenge heads back east in 2021 Season 3 Week 9. Not too far east though, as Summit Point Raceway still resides in the United States, West Virginia to be precise.

Precision is what we’re aiming for in this week’s track guide from Dave Cam. This is not a place for hot laps, mind you. We’re here for the slow, methodical approach to nailing every corner at an acceptable pace. The speed will come with the practise, but for now, we’ve got to learn how to get around this latest venue on the calendar.

Summit Point’s main circuit is 2 miles or 3.22-kilometers long with 10 labeled corners. The layout is narrow, some straights can get high speeds, but the corners in the mid section are quite technical. Pit road isn’t that difficult, either. All in all, Summit Point is one of those courses that looks easy but could sneak up and bite when least expected.

As it’s been all season long, Dave has the knowledge to get you safely around this road course. Like last week at Long Beach, it’s still a tight squeeze, just with grass instead of walls. Nipping the grass will likely lead to a huge loss of time, maybe worse. Dave knows just how hard to push these corner entries and exits to make it home in one piece.

If you’re enjoying these Porsche 911 GT3 R track guides, be sure to check out the other fantastic videos from Dave Cam. Those weeks may be over with, but the track knowledge still stands as long as there is no updates to the track. Also hit that like button and subscribe!

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