How to sell cars in Gran Turismo 7 

How to sell cars in Gran Turismo 7 

The Car Valuation Service within Gran Turismo 7’s Used Car pavilion allows you to sell owned cars for in-game credits. Here’s how it works.

As of the November 2022 version 1.26 update for the driving game Gran Turismo 7, you can now sell cars for credits. 

The patch is live today (24th November) for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, delivering a feature promised since March

Here’s how it works and how you can quickly earn cash by selling duplicate or unwanted cars. 

  • Complete Café Menu Book No. 39 – Championship: World GT Series 
  • Visit the used car pavilion on the World Map 
  • Select the Car Valuation Service 
  • Scroll through your owned cars and select one 
  • Choose the Appraise option 
  • View the car’s valuation history and current worth 
  • Select the Sell option 
  • Select the Yes option 
  • Wait for the credits to be added to your Current Balance 

Why you should sell cars in Gran Turismo 7 

Selling a car will provide you with in-game credits that in turn can be spent on other cars, parts, tyre or modifications. 

There are now several ways of earning big credits relatively easy, especially through the new content delivered in the November update, but those big-ticket cars from the Legendary Cars pavilion are still a herculean challenge to save up for. 

Selling a few prizes possessions may help you achieve a goal. 

Gran Turismo 7 selling a car for in game credits

What is the Car Valuation Service in Gran Turismo 7? 

The Car Valuation Service in Gran Turismo 7 is a tool to provide you with a used car price. You can see how a model you won has depreciated or appreciated over time and decide if to sell for credits or not. 

Where is the Car Valuation Service in Gran Turismo 7 

To access the Car Valuation Service to sell cars in Gran Turismo 7, visit the Used Cars pavilion from the main World Map.

Gran Turismo 7 Used Car Pavilion Dealership

Then, at the top right of the screen above the cars on sale, you will see a Car Valuation Service icon. Select this to access the tool.

Gran Turismo 7 Car Valuation Service icon select

You must complete Café Menu Book No. 39 World GT Series before you can sell cars 

In order to unlock the ability to sell cars in Gran Turismo 7 using the Car Valuation Service, you must have played through the Café Menu Books and completed No. 39 – Championship: World GT Series. 

This is the main ‘career’ mode in the game. If you have not completed No. 39 yet, the chances are you won’t have a huge garage of cars anyway, so this is something to aim for and is well worth completing. 

Gran Turismo 7 Café Menu Book No 39 World GT Series

It’s worth noting that post-release, further Café Menu Books have been added, but you only need to complete the 39th to trigger the ending movie and unlock the ability to sell cars. 

Car Valuation Service information 

Once selected, you will be presented with a list of all cars that you currently own. This can be organised by selecting the ‘Sort’ icon at the top right: Variation rate, Valuation amount and car manufacturer can be selected. 

In the table, you will see the car make and name, a visual icon for each model, it’s current valuation and its increase or decrease in value. 

Gran Turismo 7 Car Valuation Service car list and sorting options

How valuations are determined 

The value of, or the amount the game will pay out for, your cars is broken down into two main areas: 

Body Valuation

The worth of the car itself before modifications and after usage. More miles could reduce this valuation, along with engine wear, oil quality and structural condition. Also, market trends, such as the Hagerty valuations, also contribute to fluctuations. These changes are represented in graph form. 

Tuning Valuation

The worth of tuning parts added to the car to improve performance. 

Gran Turismo 7 Sell Car

The final appraisal is a combination of the Body Valuation and the Tuning Valuation. 

How to spot duplicates 

As you scroll down the list of cars sold, if you see a small round number icon to the left of a car’s picture, that means you have two of the same car.

This is handy if you’d like to earn in-game credit for cars you own two or more of. 

Same car, different valuations 

Let’s say you do own two or more of the same exact car, you can individually appraise each one. 

Gran Turismo 7 sell cars, Car Valuation Service, two of the same
Two Abarths, two different valuations

Select a car that you won multiple examples of, and a sub-menu appears listing each one in your collection. You can then dig deeper into each car’s valuation – one with tuning parts may be worth more than another, or one with high miles on the clock may be worth less. 

Gran Turismo 7 sell cars, Car Valuation Service, two of the same, one tuned
One is highly tuned, so has a higher tuning valuation
Gran Turismo 7 sell cars, Car Valuation Service, two of the same, one high miles
One is lightly tuned, so has a lower tuning valuation

Can you sell prize or gift cars? 

Yes, you can sell cars using the Car Valuation Service in Gran Turismo 7 if you have received them as an in-game gift such as Mission completion or Roulette Ticket rewards. 

Gran Turismo 7 car sell for cash

Can you sell cars Manufacturers Cup? 

No, you cannot sell cars in Gran Turismo 7 loaned to you by signing up for the Sport Mode Manufacturers Cup. This is because you do not on them, rather borrow for the period of the competition. 

Can you sell cars received as pre-order bonuses? 

No, you cannot sell cars in Gran Turismo 7 that came via download codes for the 25th Anniversary Edition or Launch Edition of the game. 

Gran Turismo 7, PS4, Launch Edition

Can you sell cars you’ve spent real money on? 

Yes, if you’ve purchased in-game credits with real-world money, and then used those credits to purchase a car, these can still be sold. 

Can I sell more than one car of the same model on the same day? 

No, you cannot sell more than one of the same specific car model every 24 hours.

Once the time period passes, you can then sell another one. This only applies if you have two or more of the same car. 

You can sell an unlimited number of different cars every 24 hours. 

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