Here’s what to expect from future F1 Manager 2023 updates

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The strategy simulator has posted a work-in-progress list of known issues and priorities.
Here's what to expect from future F1 Manager 2023 updates

The second official Formula 1 game from Frontier Developments launched at the end of July and has received three game updates plus two new Race Replay scenarios since then.

Now, a community update to the title’s website has outlined the top 10 issues the team would like to work on across the game’s lifespan. These are:

  1. Team Objective Balance
  2. Collisions With Static Cars on Track
  3. Tyre Compound Issue – Instances of Being Able to Use One Tyre Compound During a Race
  4. Race Start Balancing
  5. [Qualifying] Automatic Mode Not Optimal for Fastest Laps
  6. [Qualifying] Balance of Track Grip Impact on Lap Times
  7. Unfair Penalties
  8. Car Part UI Tweaks
  9. Widescreen UI Option Not Working
  10. Stability and Optimisations

All are relatively minor balances and tweaks, we think it’s fair to say it launched in a smoother fashion than last year’s F1 Manager 2022.

Collisions are a vast improvement year-on-year, although let’s be realistic, they may never reach the crunching realism of a driving game. Still, the team is still improving and citing further improvement in this department is welcoming – we have seen cars being pushed ‘under’ the circuit or through barriers.

F1 Manager 2023 crash

Speaking of things we’ve seen, while we’ve personally not been able to use one compound through a race, the AI sometimes appear to have done so – or at least they’re labelled in the post-race results of doing so. We hope this one is resolved sooner, rather than later.

As for the rest, let us know in the comments below or on social media what you’d like to see next for F1 Manager 2023.

1.5 update now live on PC

It’s also worth noting that a small 1.5 update is live for PC players as of 3rd August, with a further update for console players expected soon.

  • Fixed crash that could occur during race weekend
  • Added DX11 stable fallback option where DX12 crash is detected
  • Prevented patch notes pop-up persisting after first launch

Source: Frontier Developments

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