Spa Race Replay Moment now playable within F1 Manager 2023

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Following the Starting Grid event based on the real-world Belgian Grand Prix, now comes the mid-race scanerio.
Spa Race Replay Moment now playable within F1 Manager 2023

The Race Replay mode is one of the more notable additions to F1 Manager 2023 alongside mid-session saves and driver confidence ratings.

It has, at present, two options to play for every grand prix from the 2023 Formula 1 season, so far. With the game launching through Deluxe Edition early access on 27th July and then in vanilla flavour on 31st July, we were keen to see how soon after each real-world event the Frontier Developments team was able to add new scenarios to the game.

It now seems, pretty, pretty, quickly.

On Monday 31st, a Starting Grid Race Replay was added, which is simply a full race but with the accurate grid order. Today (2nd August), just three days after the race, a new Spa-Francorchamps Race Moment is available on all platforms.

Entitled ‘Allez Alpine’, the embattled Enstone squad is on the 25th lap, with Gasley outside of the points and Ocon up in sixth, but with another pitstop required.

F1 Manager 2023 Race Replay Race Moment Allez Alpine

Your challenge is to score seven points across the two drivers. Decisions must be made, such as which tyre compound Ocon uses next and whether Gasly should stick to a one-stop strategy or mix it up.

It’s an impressive turnout from the content team to apply two playable facsimiles of the race within three days. We’re now looking forward to seeing how this plays out for the rest of the season.

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