Here’s the Lister Storm within GTRevival’s game engine

Thomas Harrison-Lord
In the midst of what may go down as ‘sim racing-ageddon-day’, Ian Bell posted some pictures of a 00s GT car.
Here's the Lister Storm within GTRevival's game engine

What with Rennsport’s attempt at physics clarification, rFactor 2’s beta for ranked multiplayer and iRacing purchasing the rights to NASCAR video games, yesterday was a bit of a blur.

While we were booking in carpal tunnel surgery, founder of Straight4 Studios Ian Bell posted in-engine images of the Lister Storm within GTRevival, one of our favourite GT cars from the late ’90s and ’00s.

Bell, presented as somewhat of a sim racing totem of late, compared the work-in-progress images to that of Blimey! Games and SimBin’s GTR 2 which we worked on as CEO.

Lister Storm within GTRevival game, work in progress

“I recall back in 2006 thinking, ‘How will we ever get better than this’,” said Bell on social media.

He also discussed “simulation-based dirt build-up” which is still being ‘polished’.

The front-mid-engined Jaguar V12 sports car started life in 1995, before an exemption in the rules allowed it to compete successfully in the ‘GT2′ rules adopted by the FIA GT championship. The one depicted here is from the 2003 season, driven by Jamie Campbell-Walter and Nathan Kinch. The duo managed one race win that season, and the squad finished second in the teams’ standings.

“You had a very, very small British car company beating huge companies with a budget that was very, very small,” said Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of The Lister Motor Company to Straight4 Studios.

GTRevival sim racing game Lister Storm

“I remember someone saying that the Lister budget was the same budget that some of the larger companies would spend just on their wheels and tyres, and that was the budget for the entire vehicle!

The images follow confirmation of the car being in development and a teaser in September, alongside Sebring and Lime Rock Park added to the embryonic simulator’s track roster. Now there’s the thunderous Storm, it would need some fellow FIA GT competitors to sit alongside it in the game, surely?

GTRevival is currently set for a 2024 release on PC and console.

Images: Ian Bell/Straight 4 Studios

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