GTRevival: Everything we know so far

GTRevival is the exciting new project from Ian Bell’s nascent Straight4 Studios, featuring input from GTR 2 development alumni. We share everything we know about the game so far.
GTRevival - Everything we know so far

What is GTRevival?

GTRevival is the spiritual successor to the highly rated GT racing game of 2006 GTR2, a title created by SimBin and Blimey! Games.

Who is developing GTRevival?

Straight4 Studios is developing GTRevival, a team made up of many of the personnel responsible for the sublime GTR 2; including Stephen Baysted (audio), Henrik Roos (handling consultant and former CEO of SimBin) and AJ Weber (physics), among others.

Top Gear’s former ‘Stig’ Ben Collins is also onboard as Chief Handling Consultant. The CEO of Straight4 Studios is former Slightly Mad Studios and Blimey! Games boss Ian Bell.

Which game engine will GTRevival use?

GTRevival will use Unreal Engine 5, as indicated by a tweet from Straight4 Studios boss Ian Bell. In the tweet, Bell used images from a freely available Unreal Engine tech demo of an Audi road car to highlight the potential of the new game’s graphics.

GTR Revival set to be a spiritual sim racing successor to GTR 2
Rally cars are set to be included in GTR Revival

Will GTRevival be a sim?

Ian Bell has stated that GTRevival will be inspired heavily by both Project CARS 2 and GTR 2, indicating it will lean towards simulation.

“Hardcore, balls to the wall, no compromise,” is the direct quote.

Will GTRevival feature GT cars only?

No, GTR Revival is set to feature a variety of race and rally cars, with the possibility of road cars too.

Will GTRevival have any unique features?

GTRevival is set to use AI chatbots to provide AI-generated commentary and engineer chatter. Preview videos show the systems working seamlessly, and it’s definitely something different within sim racing. We’re excited to see how this plays out in the final game and how those who provide the base vices are renumerated.

GTR Revival teases AI race commentary
An Unreal Engine 5 render shared by Bell on Twitter

Will GTRevival have mods?

Yes. GTRevival is set to be almost fully-moddable, with Bell stating: “We plan to make GT Rev[ival] the most moddable Auto platform ever. Environments, Cars, Audio and crucially, a totally tooled physics suite. Skilled creators might even be able to sell their wares in our marketplace”

Will GTRevival be made available for consoles?

GTRevival has been confirmed for consoles, as tweeted by Ian Bell. All three Project CARS games also received console and PC versions. It will have PLAION as a publisher, too.

Will GTRevival use World of Mass Development (WMD) crowdfunding?

Yes. Bell plans to launch a third World of Mass Development (WMD) crowd-funding campaign to help ease GTRevival through its development, allowing subscribers to invest in the future success of the game.

The previous two occasions Bell employed crowdfunding were for Project CARS and Project CARS 2.

Will GTRevival feature realistic engine sounds?

GTRevival’s audio director, Stephen Baysted, stated that “We will be combining the power of the very latest multi-channel audio technologies with the most detailed sonic vehicle models to bring unprecedented levels of immersion, excitement, and fidelity to the player. The brutality of motorsport is our key focus”.

This has so far culminated in a visceral audio clip of a Ford Cosworth 2.0L BDG race engine in action:

Is it GTR Revival or GTRevival?

Good point, the game was initially announced as ‘GTR Revival’, but that changed in July 2023.

When will GTRevival be released?

GTRevival has an undisclosed release date at this time, but the team is aiming for 2024 initially.

Image source: Ian Bell

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