Lister Storm set for GTRevival inclusion

Thomas Harrison-Lord
In what’s billed as the upcoming sim racing title’s first licenced content, the independent grand touring legend has been confirmed.
Lister Storm set for GTRevival inclusion

Fans of the LG Super Racing Weekend are surely beside themselves as the Lister Storm has been confirmed for inclusion in the upcoming GTRevival.

Created by Straight 4 Studios, an embryonic studio led by former Slightly Mad Studios (Project CARS, Fast & Furious Crossroads) chief Ian Bell, the title is set to be a simulation driving platform scheduled at present for a later 2024 launch on PC and consoles.

During the studio’s latest email newsletter, it was confirmed that the game’s first official licencing deal has been struck, and that it was for Cambridge’s front-engined beast from the 1990s.

Lister Storm, Bobby Verdon-Roe, Donignton Park 2023
Lister Storm, Bobby Verdon-Roe, Donignton Park 2023 – Photo: Thomas Harrison-Lord

I say 1990s, but, despite its humble origins, it remained competitive within the FIA GT championship up until the mid-00s. It was a David vs Goliath story, with the diminutive squad using gentlemen drivers, football squad sponsorship and cunning to take it to rivals such as Chrysler Vipers, Saleen S7s and Ferrari 550s.

Remarkably, the Storm took the British GT GT2 category honours in 1999 and won the overall FIA GT Championship in 2000 and the British GT championship in 2001. It was also in video games such as Gran Turismo 2, Total Immersion Racing and, perhaps crucially, GTR and GTR 2.

GTRevival Lister Storm wheel development game

These two titles featured Bell on the production team, and GTRevival was initially touted as a spiritual successor. It’s fitting, then, that one of the first vehicles to be included in the new platform is a Storm. Development on the car is said to have been started, with an image of its wheels created in-engine released.

It follows images of the Brazilian Interlagos circuit, some Group C machines and a GT3 Audi said to be work-in-progress scenes.

In other news, Bell has picked up a Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider. This is the sort of breaking news you read Traxion.GG for…

Images: Straight4 Studios, Motorsport Images and Thomas Harrison-Lord

Featured image: 2005 FIA GT Championship, Turkey, Lister Storm, Keen/Halliday – Motorsport Images

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