Here are the four new cars set for Gran Turismo 7 this week

Thomas Harrison-Lord
A former contender for the fastest car in the world, two 2023-spec single-seaters and AMG’s latest GT3 weapon are heading to Gran Turismo 7 on the 27th April
Here are the four cars set for Gran Turismo 7 this month

The next update for Gran Turismo 7 is just days away, launching in the morning of Thursday 27th April 2023, and we now know it will include four brand-new cars.

It will also pave the way for the upcoming Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup and Olympic Esports Week events to take place. While we don’t know about any quality-of-life changes yet, those will arrive with the patch notes in two days’ time, series producer Kazunori Yamauchi has tweeted the now customary shadowy teaser image.

It showcases which new vehicles, and how, many are set to arrive. Here’s what looks to be on the way imminently

Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar XJ220, Silverstone, Motorsport Image
Jaguar XJ220, Silverstone, Motorsport Images

The XJ220 was meant to be all-wheel-drive and V12-powered, but during its development, plans changed to rear-wheel-drive and a V6 turbo engine, said to be a development of that used in the MG Metro 6R4 Group B rally car.

So the story goes, the changes in the specification were Jaguar’s mea culpa, seeing many deposits withdrawn and several left-hand-drive models still unsold years later.

Makes for one hell of a yarn though, and now 31 years later, it only adds to the allure. This is, after all, a car that was capable of (minus the catalytic converters) 217mph which, at the time, made it the fastest production car ever made.

Funnily enough, a version of the XJ220 did win the GT class of the 1993 24 Hours of Le Mans, with David Coulthard behind the wheel no less, but was excluded post-race for… not having the catalytic converters.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 ‘Evo’

Naoya Gamou and Takuro Shinohara, K2 R&D LEON Racing, Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo, 2nd position in GT300, Okayama International Circuit 2023 - Yasushi Ishihara, Motorpsort Images
Naoya Gamou and Takuro Shinohara, K2 R&D LEON Racing, Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo, 2nd position in GT300, Okayama International Circuit 2023 – Yasushi Ishihara, Motorsport Images

Sometimes referred to as the ‘2020 Evo’ or the ‘New AMG-GT3’, this looks set to be the facelifted racing Gr.3 that currently competes in championships such as SRO’s GT World Challenge.

It sits alongside the existing SLS ’11 and AMG-GT3 ’16 within Gran Turismo 7, and represents the updated AMG-GT seen in road-going Black Series guise at present, with its larger front grille.

The game does have a breadth of Gr.3 machinery, from classic JGTC icons to fresh machinery such as the BRZ GT300, but perhaps it’s a bit lacking in present-day latest-spec western GT3 cars. Even though, then, this is a shape already available, it does at least bring things bang up to date for real-world enthusiasts.

SF23 Super Formula Toyota

Dallara SF23 Toyota Gran Turismo 7

Japan’s premier single-seater championship whiteness its current 2023-version appear within Gran Turismo 7 before any other platform.

This was formally announced earlier this month, so the inclusion is no surprise.

The Dallara SF23 comes with two inline-four-cylinder turbocharged engines, Toyota or Honda, and features a functional push-to-pass system operated by the game’s nitrous button.

The 2023 grid includes ex-Formula 1 and 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Kamui Kobayashi as well as Red Bull protégé Liam Lawson. It’s seen as one of the quickest single-seater formulae in the world, thanks to high levels of downforce generated by the machines.

SF23 Super Formula Honda

Dallara SF23 Super Formula Gran Turismo 7

See above, but with Honda’s powerplant. Otherwise identical, this follows the theme of the existing 2019-specification Super Formula open-wheelers within Gran Turismo 7, which offers each engine as a separate in-game model.

For reference, each SF19 variant costs 1,000,000 credits. We’ll be back with the full changelog very soon.

Images: Gran Turismo / Motorsport Images

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