Gran Turismo 7’s Lap Time Challenge, 17th-31st August: Super GT

Gran Turismo 7’s latest Lap Time Challenge features Gr.2 Super GT and DTM racecars from Suzuka, Japan.
Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge, Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT Gr.2, Suzuka

We’re going big in Japan in this week’s new Gran Turismo 7 Lap Time Challenge, as we’ve been given the chance to thrash GT7’s lineup of Gr.2 machinery around the high-speed sweeps of Suzuka.

The Gr.2 cars in question derive from the Class 1 cars from Germany’s DTM series and the GT500 class of the Japanese Super GT series. Both types of cars are similar in principle – bewinged prototypes with bags of downforce – producing performance more like a single-seater than their touring car-style bodies would suggest.

Suzuka provides a stern challenge for drivers, starting with the catchily-named First Turn followed by the sinuous Snake sequence of corners. Turn 1 requires you to brake while turning, with a slight camber on the road helping slow the car down. Ease off the brakes to prioritise the exit into Snake.

Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge

Short-shift through Dunlop to minimise wheelspin and keep the momentum into the fearsome Degner curves. Use as much kerb as you dare through here, before heading through the tunnel and into another tricky braking zone at Hairpin.

Again, prioritise the corner exit as there’s a long flat-out section towards Spoon to follow. Braking deep into Hairpin is the way to go – think of following a slight ‘V’ path through the turn rather than the traditional ‘U’.


Spoon is another tricky test of braking and turning where the road eventually falls away. Caress the brakes to its second apex and monster the kerbs on exit to help slingshot the car towards the flat-out 130R.

Hit the brakes at around the 125m mark for the final Casio Triangle chicane, where another judicious use of kerbs will give you a solid exit onto the start and finish straight.

Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge, Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT Gr.2, Suzuka

Our car of choice for this Lap Time Challenge is the Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT. It’s an easy decision since it fills out the top 10 positions on the current leaderboard, and it’s entirely appropriate given Suzuka’s Honda ownership.

The car is based on Honda’s eventual, real-world NSX Super GT contender so has all the aggressive styling cues you’d expect from a purpose-built racecar, and it’s a clear step above its Lexus SC430 and Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 contenders in GT7.

If you decide to use the Audi RS 5 Turbo DTM Gr.2 car then be aware it’s equipped with DRS. Pressing the nitrous button – which you should map beforehand – will open up the rear wing, giving you a boost in straight-line speed (and plenty of oversteer in the corners). It’s still not enough to make it quicker than the NSX, however.

Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge, Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT Gr.2, Suzuka

Gran Turismo 7’s Lap Time Challenges explained

GT7‘s Lap Time Challenge is a time trial mode where you compete against other players to set the fastest time on the leaderboard. However, there’s a caveat: setting a lap within three per cent of the fastest time nets players 2,000,000 Credits.

If you aren’t quite quick enough, then lapping within five per cent gains you 1,000,000 Credits, while a time inside 10 per cent of the fastest results in a 250,000 Credit payout.

Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge, Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT Gr.2, Suzuka

Gran Turismo 7 Lap Time Challenge video guide

The second fastest lap at the time of publication has been set by UK player ‘Thekie25’ with a 1:49.233 lap, shown below (the fastest lap replay was unavailable). It should provide a handy guide on how to master the tricky Suzuka track where there’s little margin for error.

Recommended car: Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT ’16 (Brand Central 800,000 Credits or free rental)

Lap Time Challenge

Race Information

Track: Suzuka

Entry Period: 17th-31st August


Useable Tyres: Racing: Medium, Intermediate, Wet

Wide body: Prohibited

Nitrous/Overtake: Unrestricted



Car Restrictions

Bop/Tuning Forbidden: Medium-speed

Car used: Garage Car, Event-Specified Car

Car Settings: Specified

Race Settings

Track Limit: Normal

Penalty Settings

Shortcut Penalty: Light

Gran Turismo 7, Lap Time Challenge

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