F1 23’s ranked track limits set to be stricter

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The new-for-F1 23 online multiplayer ranked mode introduced a new structure, but also slack track limit regulations.
F1 23's ranked track limits set to be stricter

Combining a licence system with race results, on paper F1 23’s ranked multiplayer is a significant step forward from its predecessors.

Each week, you must beat your assigned rivals and rise to the upper echelons of a leaderboard. Those near the top progress to the next rank, but you can also drop down if you aren’t careful or active. At the bottom is a bronze division and at the peak, elite.

F1 23 Ranked Multiplayer

Unlike other game modes, despite the more serious nature of the racing, in ranked mode, the track limit warnings are seemingly set to weak. Very weak. You can receive a yellow warning, but you must be trying very hard to do so.

Often, running wide and the first and final corners at the Red Bull Ring, for example, or the middle sector at Qatar doesn’t result in any form of penalty. Thus, it’s the quickest way, and not authentic.

EA Sports F1 23 ranked corner cuts Tiametmarduk

However, the game’s Twitter/X account has confirmed that this will be changed in the next game update.

Replying to F1 game content creator Benjamin Daly, aka Tiametmarduk, who posted “We need strict corner cutting in Ranked,” the following was posted:

“We hear you! Ranked will have corner cutting set to Strict after the next patch.”

When the patch arrives is not yet known, however, we’re of the opinion this will contribute towards much cleaner racing. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

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