Gran Turismo 7’s 1.21 update addresses mission tyre wear

Thomas Harrison-Lord
A small update for Gran Turismo 7 is now live, addressing the tyre wear rate for one particular mission and freezes during licence demonstrations.
Gran Turismo 7’s 1.21 update addresses mission tyre wear

A small update has been pushed out for Gran Turismo 7 this morning, 1st September, on both PlayStation 4 and 5.

As is the pattern, the last week of each month adds new content to the racing title. August’s update added three new cars and fresh layouts for the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but crucially, it also tweaked the suspension physics and tyre wear characteristics.

Generally speaking, tyre wear looks to happen quicker, but part-worn tyres have more grip than before.

Gran Turismo 7, Bathurst Gr3 Battle Mission, The Sun Also Rises

However, those trying to complete the Bathurst Gr.3 Battle Mission within ‘The Sun Also Rises’ group, were having a harder time of it than most. The tyre wear was excessive since 1.20, but today’s update’s main fix is addressing this error.

The only other change today is being able to progress through Licence Tests. Some users reported that upon viewing a demonstration video, the game would lock up. This is now fixed, according to the patch notes.

But, that’s it. We’ll keep you updated as to when further Gran Turismo 7 changes are enacted. A new ‘known issues’ list has also been published, which you can find below.

Gran Turismo 7 update 1.21 changelog


  • Fixed an issue wherein the tire wear speed was too fast and made it difficult to clear “Bathurst Gr.3 Battle” in [Missions] > [The Sun Also Rises].

2.License Centre

  • Fixed an issue wherein gameplay could no longer be progressed after fast-forwarding to the next lap during playback of some of the license demonstration videos.

Gran Turismo 7 known issues, 1st September 2022

Sport & Lobby

 - When doing Free Practices on the ‘Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rally Cross Layout,’ stopping the car by using the handbrake and then pausing the game with the controller’s ‘options’ button, the car will not move afterwards. This issue can be fixed by selecting ‘Exit’ from the pause menu and re-entering the track.


 - Changing the muffler from the ‘Intake & Exhaust’ category in ‘Garage’ > ‘Car Settings’ may cause the muffler on the car to disappear. If this issue occurs, it can be resolved by re-entering the ‘Garage.’


 - In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where ‘Preparing’ is displayed on screen but the Host cannot start the race. Having all room members leave and re-entering the room will allow the race to be started;
 - In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where entering the track in Practice does not let you drive and skip directly to the Final Race. In this case, please try to leave and re-enter the room;
 - In a ‘2P Split Screen’ race, the Assist Settings for Player 2 are locked. We plan to fix this in a future update. (Player 1 will use the same Assist Settings as defined in [Settings] > [Assist Settings]);
 - In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases where players in the same room do not appear on the member list or during the race. In this case, an application error will occur when the host starts the race;
 - In the ‘Lobby’, there have been cases wherein completing a race would not let users progress further.


 - There have been cases wherein the App hangs during the loading screen at start-up, and rare cases wherein the App crashes when entering certain race events. Deleting and re-installing ‘Gran Turismo 7’ might fix those issues. Please note that any Replays, Scapes Photos, and Race Photos that have not been shared in ‘Showcase’ will be lost after uninstalling the game. (Only Replays up to 200MB in size can be shared.)

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