FrozenToes24 joins the Traxion.GG Stream Team, will broadcast SnB IndyCar Series

FrozenToes24 joins the Traxion.GG Stream Team, will broadcast SnB IndyCar Series

The newest addition to the Traxion.GG Stream Team is none other than FrozenToes24, as she’s known as on Twitch, YouTube and other social media platforms. Frozen will be joining forces with Traxion.GG and will be promoting the Shake N’ Bake (SnB) Racing’s upcoming IndyCar season which starts 14th April.

“I’m super pumped to be on the Traxion.GG Stream Team,” Frozen said. “It is a really talented, creative group of people, covering so many different aspects of racing, Traxion.GG really has something for everyone. I’m excited to bring another facet into the mix with the commentating side of things!”

SnB’s races will be broadcasted weekly on the Traxion.GG Twitch channel with FrozenToes, Club owner of Shake N’ Bake, in the virtual booth alongside her SnB co-commentator Pete Rouzic. The league is owned in-part as well by Jordan McGraw, former eNASCAR Heat Pro League driver. These IndyCar races used to be on the Xbox console platform utilizing the Forza Motorsports franchise. This season will be SnB’s first on iRacing.

The upcoming IndyCar season will utilize the Dallara iR-18 on the iRacing platform and the season will last for 16 rounds, starting 14th April at 8:15 p.m. EDT. The season starts with Texas Motor Speedway, visits a total of seven oval tracks and nine road courses, and will end with WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca on 11th August.

There will be back-to-back weeks of racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, first with the road course on 12th May and then the historic oval on 19th May. Other venues on the schedule include some that are on the real NTT IndyCar Series schedule, like Long Beach and Road America, but also some fantasy tracks like The Milwaukee Mile and Michigan International Speedway.

SnB also hosts a NASCAR Cup Series that Frozen owns, that of which started back up a few weeks ago, now on iRacing as well after years on NASCAR Heat games on the Xbox platform. For the series, iRacing and PC sim racing is a brand new venture. Thankfully, the Dallara iR-18 is one of the best on the service, now complete with multiple tire compounds and proper damage through the New Damage Model.

As for FrozenToes, broadcasting and streaming is something she’s become quite familiar with. On Twitch, she has nearly 4,000 followers. Announcing is something she got into when joining SnB’s IndyCar side and has become comfortable in doing for various sim races ever since.

Welcome to the team, FrozenToes24! Be sure to tune in for the first FrozenToes24 stream on the Traxion.GG Twitch channel on Thursday, 14th April for the start of the 2022 SnB IndyCar Series at Texas Motor Speedway.

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