Fantasy electric car RCCO eX Zero launched for rFactor 2


After previous teases of this new car, it’s now out in the wild for rFactor 2 fans to experience.

On offer is an electric car with a difference. It doesn’t actually exist in the real world yet and the company behind the concept has spoken about developing their series from gaming and esports perspective before setting about a “real world” series. Which, does seems like a more cost effective method in fairness.

Credit: RCCO eX Zero

The RCCO organisation is led by CEO Mike Rockenfeller who, you might know, is a Le Mans winner and DTM champion. So it’s fair to say that he’s probably a driving expert.

Since the car doesn’t actually exist in real life it meant that there was a clean sheet of paper for the developers. The car’s specs include a 100KWh battery with 1000bhp at a weight of 1000kg – so it’s the power to weight ratio is exactly 1:1. The car also features all-wheel-drive and, just like the game’s Formula E car, it features just 2 gears which does take some getting used to.

The choice of rFactor 2 as a platform for this release is an interesting one. Presumably, the RCCO team explored multiple options and determined the platform thanks to it’s modability and it’s well-regarded physics. It will be interesting, however, to see the uptake of this DLC amongst the community. Especially since the platform is known for realistically recreating the real world – will users be interested in what is essentially a fantasy car?

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It’ll be interesting to track the development of this project. There is also talk of an esports series in the near future so we’ll keep that on our radar. Predominantly though, whether this concept can jump from the virtual world to the physical will be defeinitely something to watch.

You can purchase this car DLC from the rFactor 2 steam store here.

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