Fanatec’s CSL DD wheel base reduced to €/$199.95 when purchased with accessories

The German peripheral manufacturer’s price reductions on its entry-level direct drive wheel base continue.
Fanatec CSL DD wheel base unboxed

The pioneering wheel base, which outputs up to 5Nm of torque by default, set the trend of smaller, more affordable, direct drive sim racing devices when it launched in 2021.

Since then, in February, Fanatec launched the ‘Race Ready Bundle P1‘ which included a CSL DD plus a CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 and the two-pedal set of CSL Pedals. Priced at $/€499.95, it was then re-branded as the Ready2Race bundle in June with a price of just $/€399.95.

Fanatec CSL DD wheel base review

If that specific wheel and pedals aren’t to your preference, if you purchase any set of pedals or steering wheel from the Fanatec ecosystem, the DD wheel base is reduced to €/$199.95 (as opposed to $/€349.95).

Such was the price reduction of the Ready2Race bundle, then it was only another $/€50 to get a DD with pedals and wheel. Now though, there’s a much greater selection of different wheels and pedals to build your own bundle at a reduce price.

May we recommend, if your budget and space at home allows, the CSL Elite V2 Pedals?

At €/$299.95, the CSL Pedals are a much more affordable entry-point, but the Elite V2s left our John “very, very, impressed by the feel of the brake pedal.” As for a seeing wheel, the CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 is a catch-all product worthy of the €/$199.95 price.

The reduced price is available as of today, 21st July 2023, and applied to any pedal set or wheel. It’s just a shame that the similar wheel base that works across PC, Xbox and PlayStation, the Gran Turismo DD, isn’t in any of the recent offers.

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