Fanatec launches budget Direct Drive sim racing bundle, open for preorders now

Justin Melillo
The Fanatec CSL DD is coming back into stock in April, and with that, Fanatec has a new bundle ready to preorder that includes the Direct Drive base.
Fanatec CSL DD Race Ready Bundle P1 for PC open for preorders now

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Fanatec revealed on Friday (24th February) that they’ve got a new wheel base, wheel rim and pedal bundle that is quite possibly one of the best deals on the market right now. There’s a Direct Drive wheel base in that bundle, by the way, and Fanatec is aiming to “bring Direct Drive to everyone”.

The CSL DD Race Ready Bundle P1 includes a CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 ($/€119.95 separate), the two-pedal set of CSL Pedals ($/€79.95 separate) and the main attraction, the CSL DD 5Nm Wheel Base ($/€349.95 separate) which is really all you need in driving peripherals to get started.

For the whole bundle, it’s $/€499.95, a savings of $/€50. Even without the discount, that’s still normally $/€549.95 which is an incredible price point for anything Direct Drive.

Stock isn’t quite available yet for the CSL DD, so that means the bundle is only available to pre-order for the time being. Fanatec says that stock should be ready by 11th April, just about a month and a half from now.

It is also worth mentioning that the CSL DD only works with PC and is “Xbox Ready” so it won’t work with any PlayStation consoles. Fanatec does offer the Gran Turismo DD Pro 8Nm bundle that works with PlayStation consoles, but it is a little bit more expensive at $/€849.90.

For me personally, having missed out on the CSL DD last year, this is great to know that they’ll be back in stock soon. Those looking for a complete solution, the new bundle is a great price point for Direct Drive.

Be sure to check out our CSL DD review from last year! Also, let us know your thoughts on the new bundle in the comments below!

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