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F1 Mobile Racing’s Update 22 adds new circuit and livery editor

F1 Mobile Racing, 2022 libery editor update 22

For those playing on Apple and Android mobile devices, F1 Mobile Racing‘s latest Update 22 is out now and includes Portimão’s Algarve International Circuit and a brand new livery editor.

With the track teased earlier this month, its availability marks the first new venue for the officially-licenced Formula 1 portable title from Codemasters, EA and Eden Games.

F1 Mobile Racing's Update 22 adds new circuit and livery editor

The livery editor, meanwhile, allows you to resize shapes and tweak colours, plus add fictitious sponsor stickers, analogous to the features in its big sibling, F1 2021.

Alongside the new venue and livery editor, a long list of fixes and refinements are also included in the free update, including the removal of potential Career and Pro League errors.

F1 Mobile Racing Portimão’s Algarve International Circuit

The full list is below, during what has become a very busy period for the licenced mobile release which is free-to-play via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. More new in-game challenges are also promised.

F1 Mobile Racing Update 22 changelog

  • Fixed potential crash when loading Azerbaijan.
  • Fixed potential soft lock after first career qualifying.
  • Fixed issue where “Travel 16 miles” challenge did not track correctly.
  • Fixed issue where “Win Monte Carlo Grand Prix” did not track correctly.
  • Fixed issue where “Race without penalties” challenges would not increment if the player left the track but did not receive a penalty.
  • Fixed issue when loading a cloud save the transition could cause a soft lock.
  • Fixed issue where quitting a Grid Start duel during the countdown could cause a soft lock.
  • Fixed issue where League Packs did not correctly appear when a player entered a new League.
  • Fixed issue where players standings position in career would incorrectly show as 20th.
  • Fixed issue where XP reward animation would override Pro League Animation.
  • Fixed issue where pro league division badge UI would show the incorrect division.
  • Fixed issue when tapping on a milestone reward numerous times could cause an error.
  • Fixed issue where the notifications setting UI would not correctly update to the players choice.
  • Fixed issue where longer play sessions could cause low FPS.
  • Fixed numerous potential crashes when viewing an advert.
  • Fixed potential crash that occurred when the game was suspended for an extended period.
  • Fixed issue where players were able to select a date of birth from the future.
  • Fixed numerous overlapping text issues in Russian Language.
  • Fixed issue with custom car rear view camera button placement.

Source: EA

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