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World of Outlaws Dirt Racing cover stars and in-game images revealed

The World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing video game by Monster Games and iRacing is set to launch on 27th September 2022. This upcoming game will have more than 40 race tracks portrayed at the release, including 13 of them that are officially licensed. On top of that, at least three more tracks will be included as DLC.

The 25 or more tracks that will also be included will likely be all fantasy tracks, some with inspiration to some real venues. As one of the releases stated, the remaining tracks will “pay homage to the soul of dirt racing in America with various lengths, layouts, and locales.”

Here are the known tracks that will be in the upcoming title. This list will be updated as more information becomes available. World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing launches on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on 27th September.


Bristol Motor Speedway

When most in motorsports think about Bristol Motor Speedway, they’ll usually think of the concrete half-mile oval that hosts top level NASCAR racing. However, a couple of years ago, Speedway Motorsports Inc. decided to throw some dirt on top of it, mainly for NASCAR, but the World of Outlaws also took advantage.

In the 2022 event back in April, Logan Schuchart was able to close the victory in the Sprint Car feature while Jonathan Davenport was victorious in the Late Model Series.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

Cedar Lake Speedway

This 3/8-mile clay oval based in Wisconsin was opened back in the late 1950s. If you look in the infield, there happens to be a tiny lake with a fountain. However, this is not the Cedar Lake, that is on the outside of the track, and is much bigger.

These Outlaws were here a couple of times earlier in the season with Jacob Allen and Brock Zearfoss winning the Sprint Car races in July and Mike Marlar and Jonathan Davenport winning in the Late Models.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway

The home to the World of Outlaws World Finals, this facility sits on the Charlotte Motor Speedway property just outside the 1.5-mile oval asphalt track, commonly referred to as America’s Home for Racing.

It’s a clay surface that measures 0.4-miles in length. Winners last season included David Gravel, Brent Marks and Jonathan Davenport scoring two victories.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured), Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing (DLC)

The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Just like it’s sister Speedway Motorsports Inc. venues at Charlotte and Texas, the Dirt Track at Las Vegas is right outside a bigger 1.5-mile asphalt oval.

This half-mile clay oval isn’t on the World of Outlaws schedule this season, but Monster Games already has it in its arsenal from the most recent Tony Stewart game.

Available to race in: Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing (DLC) (Pictured)

Eldora Speedway

One of the most famous dirt tracks in the United States, the half-mile clay surfaced speedway is home to one of the most famous World of Outlaws races out there, the King’s Royal.

Brent Marks took the crown this year with David Gravel winning the night before. This place also ran SRX last season and NASCAR Trucks for years in the mid-to-late 2010s.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured), SRX: The Game

Fairbury Speedway

Home to the Prairie Dirt Classic, this year won by Brandon Sheppard, Fairbury American Legion Speedway is a quarter-mile dirt oval in Illinois.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

Knoxville Raceway

Knoxville is another venue that’s well known by many throughout different motorsport genres. The Sprint Car Capitol of the World just hosted the Knoxville Nationals in the middle of August, and Donny Schatz scored the 2022 victory.

The venue is a half-mile course with an inner berm capable of flipping a NASCAR Truck if hit in just the right way, go ahead and ask Jessica Friesen about that.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured), SRX: The Game, Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing (DLC)

Kokomo Speedway

There’s a place called Kokomo… that exists in Indiana.

The quarter-mile dirt oval opened all the way back in 1947 and hosts a number of different series throughout the middle of the year. Sadly, I don’t believe the World of Outlaws has a date this year, but nonetheless it will be in the upcoming game.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

Port Royal Speedway

The Speed Palace, as it’s also known, was just recently scanned and added to iRacing in the most recent build. Another quite famous track, Jared Miley and Kyle Larson are winners at the half-mile dirt oval this season with more racing coming up later in the year.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track

Charlotte, Las Vegas, and now Texas. While there’s no racing at Texas this year in any capacity, due to resurfacing, this is another case of using it if you got it. Monster Games already has it, so they’re going to use it.

Available to race in: Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing (Pictured)

Volusia Speedway Park

The Sunshine and DIRTcar Nationals kicked off the World of Outlaws dirt racing calendar this season. The World’s Fastest Half-Mile has had a number of winners back in January and February this year.

Some of those winners include Donny Schatz, Sheldon Haudenschild, David Gravel, Dennis Erb Jr, Chris Madden and Brandon Overton.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

Weedsport Speedway

An Upstate New York venue, Weedsport is a 3/8-mile dirt oval that was opened back in the 1950s.

David Gravel and Donny Schatz have won at the track already this season back in July.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

Williams Grove Speedway

Opened back in 1939, the clay oval is a half-mile venue in Pennsylvania that’s been around forever.

The Summer Nationals ran back in July and Lance Dewease and Brad Sweet were winners that weekend.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)


Limaland Motorsports Park

This quarter-mile of thunder in Ohio isn’t on the schedule this year. But you’ll get to race it if you get the 2022 Season Pass DLC.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55

A 1/3-mile banked dirt oval in Missouri will be a part of the DLC pack for the upcoming game. Dennis Erb Jr and Carson Macedo have wins there this season.

Available to race in: iRacing (Pictured)

Lucas Oil Speedway

Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri was announced earlier this year to be coming to iRacing, so likely in the September Season 4 build or 2023 Season 1 at the end of December. The dirt oval is classified as a 3/8-mile track.

Will also be available to race in: iRacing


At this time, no fantasy tracks have been announced. It is expected that tracks from Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing, Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing and SRX: The Game will make their way to the new World of Outlaws release.

Pictured: Durango Park in SRX: The Game


While many of the tracks announced already are popular venues to not only the World of Outlaws, but sometimes to other racing series out there, there are a bunch of World of Outlaws venues that haven’t been announced for this title that the series is scheduled to visit in 2022.

More than likely, these tracks have inspired or will inspire many of the fantasy tracks that will join the game. Here are the World of Outlaws venues that are NOT going to be in the game at this time:

  • 34 Raceway
  • 81 Speedway
  • Atomic Speedway
  • Attica Raceway Park
  • Bakersfield Speedway
  • Beaver Dam Raceway
  • Bloomsbury Fairgrounds Raceway
  • Boone Speedway
  • Boyd’s Speedway
  • Bridgeport Motorsports Park
  • Cherokee Speedway
  • Cotton Bowl Speedway
  • Davenport Speedway
  • Devil’s Bowl Speedway
  • Farmer City Raceway
  • Gondik Law Speedway
  • Grays Harbor Raceway
  • Humboldt Speedway
  • Huset’s Speedway
  • I-80 Speedway
  • I-94 Sure Step Speedway
  • Jackson Motorplex
  • Jacksonville Speedway
  • Keller Auto Speedway
  • Lake Ozark Speedway
  • Lakeside Speedway
  • Lavonia Speedway
  • Lawrenceburg Speedway
  • Lawton Speedway
  • Lernerville Speedway – (Available to race in iRacing, Pictured)
  • Lincoln Speedway
  • Magnolia Motor Speedway
  • Marion Center Raceway
  • Merced Speedway
  • Mississippi Thunder Speedway
  • Ocean Speedway
  • Orange County Fair Speedway
  • Perris Auto Speedway
  • Placerville Speedway
  • Red Cedar Speedway
  • River Cities Speedway
  • Senoia Raceway
  • Sharon Speedway
  • Silver Dollar Speedway
  • Skagit Speedway
  • The Dirt Oval at Route 66
  • The Rev
  • Thunderbowl Raceway
  • Tri-City Raceway Park
  • Tri-City Speedway
  • Tri-State Speedway
  • US 36 Raceway
  • Vado Speedway Park
  • Wilmot Raceway
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