World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing releases 2023 Season Update DLC

Justin Melillo
The new 2023 Season Update DLC for World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing is live as of Tuesday morning (15th August) with new cars, tracks and features.

The huge 2023 Season update to the World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing title from iRacing and Monster Games is officially here as of 15th August.

If you already own the title, for an extra $29.99, the new content can be added to the title, which brings loads of new content and a few new features to the fold.

New and Updated Series

There’s one new racecar and accompanying series that comes with the DLC – Outlaw Midgets presented by Toyota. These Midgets are small but powerful, usually found racing on some of the smallest dirt tracks around.

With the DLC, the series and car becomes included starting at the local level in the Career, along with other DLC cars such as the Big Block Mod and the UMP Mod, as well as the base cars with the game, the 305 and Street Stock.

Logan Seavey, Thomas Meseraull, Brad Loyet and Buddy Kofoid are just a few of the selectable drivers that players can get into in single player or multiplayer modes outside of the Career.

Both the top running series in the World of Outlaws, that being the 410 Sprint car and the top level Late Model, now have a 2023 series to select from in both Career and in other modes. In career, these are separate series and cars from the existing content. The same is the case when choosing a series in single player or championship.

Drivers such as Robbie Price and Giovanni Scelzi in the Sprints, as well as Kyle Bronson, Tood Cooney, Cade Dillard and Bobby Pierce in the Late Models, are just a few Platinum drivers that have been included in the fold in the new update.

New Tracks

There are three new tracks that come included with the update.

The first and most well known is the Chili Bowl arena, which is a bit of a package deal with those Midgets that were added. The Chili Bowl is a tiny indoor track made specially for the smaller cars. This 0.25-mile short oval in Tulsa, Oklahoma puts on one of the biggest dirt races of the calendar year.

Also added are both Lernerville and Lincoln Speedway, both unique in their own rights.

Lernerville Speedway is a 0.4-mile oval in Sarver, Pennsylvania. You want to talk about jumping the cushion when in dirt racing, but don’t push that too far here as the outside retaining walls are not at the top of the banking, but instead further out.

That means cars can literally fly off the banking and sometimes into the woods. It’s a scary thought but it is one of Pennsylvania’s more prestigious venues.

Another track known to the PA Posse is Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. This one is a more compact 0.375-mile oval with proper walling and more tight corners. It’s a more traditional dirt oval in the sense.

All three of these track are also available to drive on the iRacing simulation as well.

New Feature: Tear-Offs!

One of the biggest things with racing on dirt in the real world is that the dirt has a tendency to accumulate on a driver’s helmet as opposed to the windscreen like most other cars, mainly because there is no windshield or windscreen on these dirt cars.

The helmet then becomes the focal point for dirt buildup, and in this new DLC, tear-offs have been programmed in as something you need to manage through a race event.

A button has been added to the controller scheme, on wheels it may be different but on a regular PlayStation 5 Dual Sense, it’s the D-Pad arrow up.

The game will remind you in the race to utilize the feature when the dirt buildup becomes too much. Ripping one off feels like a relief at speed.

It accumulates in all camera views, even the chase camera, and it also has a setting in options for how limited you want them to be. Players can completely turn them off, but where’s the fun in that?

The five settings for visor tear-offs include Disabled, Limited, Normal, More, and Unlimited. Players can also change up Dirt Accumulation to be Minimal, Low, Normal, High or Heavy.

Players can download the update by purchasing the DLC for $29.99 or by purchasing the new Ultimate Edition bundle for $49.99 if they are buying the game for the first time. The DLC is currently available on Xbox and Playstation devices. A Nintendo Switch version is slated to hit store shelves in October.

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