Dörr Esports expands reach, takes on TAILOREDRIG Esports team

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Successful RaceRoom-focused raicng esports outfit Dörr Esports will now also compete in iRacing, Gran Turismo 7 and Assetto Corsa Competizione too thanks to a team merger.
Dörr Esports expands reach, takes on TAILOREDRIG Esports team

Burgeoning professional sim racing esports squad, Dörr Esports, has furthered its expansion by taking on the TAILOREDRIG Esports team and reaching outside of RaceRoom Racing Experience.

A new team set up in at the start of 2021, Dörr has been highly successful in competitions such as the ADAC GT Masters Esports Championship and DTM Esports, with Moritz Löhner as its lead driver.

It won the 2022 ADAC GT Masters Esports Teams’ Championship thanks to Bence Bánki and Leonard Krippner, while Löhner finished second in the 2022 DTM Esports Championship and currently competes in the real world DTM Trophy.

Henceforth, however, his sim racing approach will switch to iRacing – although within which series is yet to be revealed. Fellow ADAC GT Masters Esports competitor Krippner will also make the switch alongside Michael Rächl, Max Pfeifer and Tim Jarschel.

Dörr will remain active in RaceRoom-based competitions, however, thanks to ADAC GT Masters Esports runner-up Bence Bánki, NGK Spark Plug Esport Cup winner Attila Diner and former MRS Esports driver Matija Markovic.

REMUS GT3 Championship race winner Florian Hasse will now compete on Assetto Corsa Competizione and be joined by 2014 German Gran Turismo Academy Winner Marc Gassner, Ralf Piringer and Alexander Dornieden. Meanwhile, Nico Nünninghoff will compete in Gran Turismo 7.

The Dörr Esports Driving School has also been founded, in collaboration with the German Motorsports Federation (DMSB). With the aim of promoting young driving talent, the team will now use the professional esports drivers in its roster to help nurture five of the next sim racing stars. The team is primarily made up of the winners of the U15 and U19 classes of the dmsj-SimRacing-Junior-Cup.

“The integration of the TAILOREDRIG Esports riders into the larger Dörr Esports team is the logical consequence of the past months,” explained Dörr Esports Team Manager Christian Baur.

“By merging the two teams we now have much more strategic possibilities. We will split up the 12 esports drivers so that we can compete in several championships on different platforms from now on.

“The new Dörr Esports Driving School is also extremely helpful. This is our new junior program with five strong young talents. Over the next few months, they will be brought up the ranks step by step by our pro drivers.”

As the season progresses, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this newly developed racing esports team and update you when it’s decided which competitions its drivers will compete in.

Images: SX Consulting

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