DIRT 5 Dynamo Jump Sponsor Objective guide

A guide to the Dynamo Jump Sponsor Objective within DIRT 5 – what they are, how they no longer work and how to progress without them.
DIRT 5 Dynamo Jump Sponsor Objective guide

If you’re playing through the main DIRT 5 career, trying to become AJ’s protege and take on the might of Bruno Durand, you may have come across a confusing sponsor objective:

“Complete 2 Dyanamo Jumps”.

Stange. Here’s what they are, and why you don’t need to worry about them.

What are Sponsor Objectives in DIRT 5?

Sponsor objectives can be found in the DIRT 5 career, in the ‘Sponsors’ tab, cycled to using your controller’s shoulder buttons.

Different sponsors have different objectives, completing which will earn you reputation (REP) and level up your sponsor rank.

DIRT 5 sponsor objectives

There are 15 ranks per sponsor, and completing each rank unlocks a new in-game customisation item. Be that livery stickers, profile cards or car livery designs/paint schemes.

DIRT 5 cycling upcoming sponor rewards

They do not directly affect your career progression, however, and are entirely optional. You can select a new sponsor at any time and also cycle through the rewards for each using the Square button on PlayStation or ‘X’ on Xbox.

What are Dynamo Jumps in DIRT 5?

Dynamo Jumps are only found in Path Finder events. They are extremely steep upward-facing ramps, signified with purple smoke at the peak.

DIRT 5 Path Finder Pathfinder event

Drive as fast as you can up the hill, fly in the air over the purple smoke and successfully land it. These are found on the Carrara Mine and West Mitten Pathfinder courses – excluding Dades Gorge.

DIRT 5 Dynamo Jump gameplay

Well done, you’ve completed a Dynamo Jump. Whoop. Except…

In all likelihood, the sponsor objective won’t be completed. Why? Well…

Dynamo Jump objectives no longer work

Following confusion during the game’s initial launch period, developers Codemasters removed the need to complete Dynamo Jump objectives in DIRT 5. This came into force following the version 3.00 update on 22nd February 2021.

Dynamo Jump objectives no longer work DIRT 5

However, you will still find them appearing in objectives post-update. That means, you can do a million Dynamo Jumps and it won’t trigger a rank increase.

Nevertheless, there is still a way of sponsor progression.

How to change sponsor objectives in DIRT 5

To change the sponsor objective, first select your backer in the ‘Sponsors’ tab. Then, head to your next event by scrolling to it on the event list.

DIRT 5 Sponsor Objective Reroll

Before you enter and select your vehicle, there’s a ‘Reroll’ option on the main Events menu. This is Triangle on PlayStation and ‘Y’ on Xbox.

A new sub-meu will pop up, with two options: Career and Event.

DIRT 5 Sponsor Objective Career Reroll

‘Career’ actually translates to ‘Sponsor Objective’. Here you can pay in-game credits – earned from previous events’ – and change the sponsor objective.

So, if you have ‘Perform 2 Dynamo jumps’ as an objective, before your next event, hit the Reroll button, select Career and pay a nominal fee (2,000 credits) to simply change the sponsor requirements.

DIRT 5 Changed Sponsor Objectives

Job done. You can now work on different objectives instead, which should now be achievable and work your way through to unlock all of those cosmetic upgrades.

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