Car Detailing Simulator releases free Track Day DLC

Car Detailing Simulator releases free Track Day DLC

After a fresh wash, wax and customization, take your vehicle for a spin as part of Car Detailing Simulator’s free Track Day DLC.

If you’ve ever dreamt of detailing an exotic car, but never had the proper garage full of tools (or fancy vehicles) to do so, don’t worry…there’s a Car Detailing Simulator for that.

And the title game just dropped some free downloadable content, available to anyone who already owns the full version of the game.

The Track Day DLC gives users the chance to test out their current roster of vehicles on the race track. Take a trip to the garage to wash, wax and pimp your ride with plenty of customizable cosmetics. When you’re all set for a cruise, go for a spin around the circuit and see how well your car presents.

Aside from simulated track tours, the whole vibe of Car Detailing Simulator is essentially to create a booming business in the detail industry by completing masterpieces for your clients. You can also fix up vintage vehicles to flip for a profit, all the while building up your workshop and earning rare car jobs, that will pay you accordingly for your art.

Take your shiny whip for a drive on the track after customizing in your workshop

Within the full game, the AMMO NYC DLC pack is available for purchase, too. This pack unlocks Larry Kosilla’s garage of supercars, which can be driven as part of the Track Day DLC, so long as you’ve bought the full game (£12.39/13,29€) and AMMO NYC DLC (£4.79/4,99€).

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