AMS 2 receives another update (v1.1.0.4)


Although not much time has passed since the last update, Automobilista 2 is back with another substantial update. This time, however, there’s less content delivery and more quality of life fixes for the overall product.

Image credit: @reizastudios on Twitter

There’s a fairly long list (that you can read below) but the majority of points are on the physics side. Some of these car specific fixes will also require you to reset that car’s setup in order to receive the adjustments listed – these are marked in bold in the changelog so don’t forget!

Reiza also released this pretty cool video today as well, showcasing their new track in variable weather conditions

You can read the full changelog below or follow this link to steam.

CHANGELOG (v1.1.0.4)


  • Reduced pit speed limit of historical classes from 120 km/h to 100 km/h to minimise issues with AI overshooting its pitbox
  • Disabled mandatory pitstops in GT1 90s Championship


  • Fixed issue where UI would become unresponsive when restarting a race from the post session leaderboard screen
  • Lobbies now always use descending order when sorting lobbies by player
  • Custom even screens now display full vehicle name instead of abbreviated version
  • Fixed English label on FFB GAIN INCREASE mapping
  • Added GT1 HUD icon


  • Added several new gearbox, clutch, crankshaft, driveshaft & wheel bearing models to better suit various types of drivelines
  • Reduced differential viscous hump & clutch lock ratios
  • Revised F-Retro & F-Classic tire carcass (all gens)
  • Further stiffened carcass sidewall for GT1 / GT3 / GT4 / Prototype / Stockcar tires
  • Further tire tread adjustments to F3, Mini, Sprintrace, Stock Car, Caterhams, F-Retro, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-Ultimate, Porsche Cup, GT3, GT4, Copa Truck, Street Cars
  • Fixed error in tire models for BMW Procar, Group A & Opala 1986 cars
  • Reduced water dissipation for Formula Vee / Copa Fusca / Uno / Opala 1979 / Opala Old Stock tire treads (makes them slightly less efficient on a wet track)
  • Revised Porsche Cup physics (reduced inertia, more low end engine torque, default setup adjustments, new custom tire tread) (requires setup reset)
  • Further fine tuning of FFB max force for 570S, Caterham 620R, Ginetta G55, Opalas, Porsche Cup, BMW Procar, Group A, GT1 cars
  • Slightly reduced aero draft effect (all cars)
  • Slightly adjusted Mercedes CLK GT1, F-Ultimate default setup (requires setup reset)
  • Reduced GT1 & Opala rear brake torque (all cars)
  • Increased pit speed limit in GT1 class to 100 km/h
  • Mclaren 570S GT4: adjusted aero center of pressure; fixed rear right fast damper range; increased brake torque; adjusted default setup (requires setup reset)
  • Adjusted engine compression curves for GT1 cars, Mclaren 570S GT4, Ginetta G55, F-Retro, Caterhams
  • Fixed error in Group A damper and rebound travel (requires setup reset)
  • Slightly raised Roco 001 CoG height
  • Slightly stiffened Mclaren F1 LM front suspension rates
  • Opened up differential adjustments for Caterhams with LSD
  • Disabled downshift autoblip for Mclaren F1 GTR, Porsche 911 GT1, MCR 2000; enabled for Metalmoro MRX P2
  • Slightly increased downforce from F-Classic Gen1 diffuser
  • SprintRace: Adjusted rear wing center of pressure; increased bodywork drag
  • Reduced engine inertia for F-Trainer, Caterhams
  • Raised minimal front ride height for F-Classics (requires setup reset)
  • Adjusted gear ratios for Procar, Group A cars (requires setup reset)
  • Adjusted default roll bars, dampers for all Porsches (requires setup reset)
  • Fixed inverted slow / fast damper rates in Porsche Cup cars (requires setup reset)
  • Fixed asymetrical right front ride height setting in Porsche Cayman Clubsport (requires setup reset)


  • Added new overtaking logic – AI cars now evaluate speed of cars further ahead to dodge slow traffic more efficiently
  • Fixed bug causing AI simulated times to fluctuate widely
  • fixed issue where AIs would brake without reason on pit entry or exit
  • Further general AI performance callibration for throttle & brake application, tire rolling resistance & drivetrain losses (to better match player straightline speed), launch speed (slow starts still remain an issue with Group A & Procar)
  • Increased AI speed on wet tracks while running slicks
  • Slightly increased AI aggression scalars per vehicle
  • Further reduced AI jerkiness in lateral movement
  • Reduced AI brake distance offsets
  • Fine tuned AI brake performance
  • Update AI fuel load logic for practice sessions (now uses same as quali – further customizations of fuel levels per car will follow in subsequent builds)
  • Slightly reduced AI quali performance & improvedp practice performance (all cars)


  • Minor sound loop corrections on transmission whine samples for Porsche GT3R and BMW M6 GT3, Sprint Race and Super v8 samples


  • Updated weather probability ratios (a bit less rain generally)
  • Spa: Extensive art & performance pass; added night lighting, added more static objects around scene, more trackside objects; fixed some tree & treeline shadows, fixed holes in paddock area looking from Bruxelles; added new kart building and marshall huts, updated pit fence and other fences; updates to foliage and outside terrain/roads to match the 2020 look; reduced foliage around Blanchimont; Generated new AI paths (much better fast line); adjusted track cut runoff limits
  • Imola 1988: Fixed a few wall and terrain gaps; Minor AI grip increase
  • Goiania: Rebuild armco collisions in attempt to fix ireported ntermittent collisions
  • Curitiba: Further road mesh noise revisions
  • Curvelo: Reduced road mesh noise
  • Guapore: Reduced road mesh noise
  • Ibarra: Updated trackside cams for reverse layout


  • MetalMoro AJR: Fixed tail lights, external mirrors;
  • MetalMoro MRX: Adjusted RPM LED ranges for P3 variants
  • Further fine tuning of exhaust parameters (for cars producing less backfiring)
  • Further adjusted carbon visual brake glow range
  • Added new Metalmoro AJR liveries (including a new batch of community skins)

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