American Truck Simulator v1.46 update adds new roads, trailers and Company Browser 

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American Truck Simulator’s v1.46 update is available to download now, showcasing the US-20 highway and several new features.
Amercian Truck Simulator v1.46 update adds new roads, trailers and Company Browser 

After much work and anticipation, SCS Software has released the v1.46 update for its American Truck Simulator title. 

Through many weeks of teaser updates, the Czech development studio has drip-fed fans on improvements coming to its hit trucking game. These include the addition of the US-20 highway, new Idaho viewpoints, ownable chemical cistern trailers, custom city intros, driveshaft torque simulation and a new Company Browser system. 

We take you through the main improvements below. 

US-20 and Idaho viewpoints 

The US-20 serves as a vital connection to the US-191 highway and will allow American Truck Simulator (ATS) players who own the Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho DLC packs full access to Yellowstone National Park. 

The US-20 stretches across the USA, from Oregon in the West to Massachusetts in the East, making it one of the most important trade routes in the country. The route also opens up a connection between Idaho Falls and West Yellowstone, connecting the Idaho and Montana DLC packs. 

American Truck Simulator, US-20

For Idaho DLC owners, the v1.46 update also brings a refresh to its viewpoints, bringing them up to the standard of more modern map packs. 

Amercian Truck Simulator v1.46 update adds new roads, trailers and Company Browser 

Ownable chemical trailers 

Cistern trailers are nothing new in either ATS or Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2), however, in anticipation of ATS’ upcoming Texas DLC – and its focus on the chemical industry – SCS has allowed players to purchase their very own chemical cistern trailers. 

These will transport highly volatile chemicals like hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and pesticides in-game – needless to say safe driving will be required. The trailers include three single-chain chassis types (43ft two-axle, 48ft three-axle and 53ft, four-axle), with a range of customisation options, including: 

  • Chassis type 
  • Paintjobs (base and DLC) 
  • Markers 
  • Rear bumpers 
  • Mudflaps 
  • Hoses, tool boxes, extinguishers etc 
American Truck Simulator, cistern trailer

Custom city intros and driveshaft torque 

Custom City Intros were introduced to ETS2’s Hannover and Austria reworks and proved to be such a hit they’ve moved over to ATS too. 

With v1.46, custom city intros have been introduced for owners of Wyoming and Colorado DLC packs, enabling a cutscene showcasing the player’s starting city (as long as the city has a suitable garage, that is). 

American Truck Simulator, custom city intro

A menu option for ‘driveshaft torque’ has also been added and when enabled simulates wheelspin when trucks accelerate. This will cause a “slight lift of the front left wheel,” according to the developers but should add another layer of immersion to the popular truck sim. 

American Truck Simulator, driveshaft torque

A company browser has been added to ATS for the first time, allowing players to search for specific industries, trailer types and destinations more easily. This allows players to plan deliveries better based on the trailer types and locations they wish to deliver to. 

V1.46 of ATS also sees a new Gallery mode that tracks all players images, photo trophies, and discovered viewpoints. It retains the game’s previous screenshot manager feature but adds the possibility of gaining ‘photo trophies’.  

American Truck Simulator, company browser

Photo trophies are achievements given for taking pictures of in-game landmarks or points of interest which can be found via special icons on the in-game map. 

The team at SCS Software has also improved the user interface of the screenshot uploader feature, ensuring it’s much easier for players to view and upload their favourite screenshots to the World of Trucks servers. 

American Truck Simulator, gallery

What’s your favourite aspect of ATS’ v1.46 update? Let us know in the comments below. 

American Truck Simulator v1.46 update changelog 


  • US-20 road between Idaho and Montana 
  • Idaho Viewpoints Redesign 


  • Ownable Cisterns – Chemical Trailers 
  • Cascadia and Western Star 57X got custom infotainment implementation 
  • Infotainment/GPS screens on all trucks have switched off state separated from map zoom 
  • Cellphones and navigational devices got a custom implementation 


  • New Gallery Feature 
  • Company Browser 
  • Custom City Intros 
  • Driveshaft Torque 

Source: SCS Software blog 

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