Whippy the Ice Cream Truck is everything we didn’t know we needed in Turbo Golf Racing’s new update

The post post-Early Access release update for Turbo Golf Racing adds an ice cream van, and plenty of bug fixes.
Whippy the Ice Cream Truck is everything we didn’t know we needed in Turbo Golf Racing’s new update

Driving a golf cart is pretty awesome.

But driving around a golf course in an Ice Cream Truck—cleverly named Whippy, by the way—is infinitely better. And lucky for Turbo Golf Racing fans, you can do just that in the game’s first free DLC.

The quirky arcade-style racer now features some freshly cut fairways, intriguing Power Cores and cosmetics for your car. Whippy, the hot pink (Traxion approved) ice cream cruiser, comes fully served with waffle-cone wheels and a deliciously sprinkled gelato shield, too. Double yum!

On top of the new content, developer Hugecalf Studios has essentially hired an exterminator to eradicate some pesky bugs within the game.

Turbo Golf Racing August update

Here’s a full breakdown the patch update, including a little cherry on top to come in the future:


  • Six New Levels: Rocket Ramp; The Snake; Bunker Balls; Dual Route Dash; Neon Raceway; A Walk in the Woods – These levels are automatically added to the online playlist and can be unlocked for Time Trails by achieving set star total in the Solo mode
  • New Car: Whippy the Ice Cream Truck – Available in the in-game store right now
  • New Active Power Core: Stomp – Stomps your car into the ground, sending your ball flying with great force – Unlocked by clocking up 300 seconds of gliding in the online mode
  • New Passive Power Core: Rough Rider – Car ignores the effects of long grass – Unlocked by clocking up 300 seconds of driving through rough in the online mode
  • New cosmetics
  • New emojis: Poop and Yawn emojis now replaced the Fire and Luck


  • [Windows Store] Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on the “Logging you in with the Xbox network…” on login screen
  • Provided a work around for players who experience “Waiting for QoS results” when searching for a match. Players who experience this should manually select teir region from the settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could cut to a black screen after the match ends
  • Level Fix: Sports and Shots – the players’ ball could get stuck in the hole
  • Fixed various level exploits that would allow skipping of levels in unintended ways (“TGR cool stuff” Discord members are credited for helping find these)
Turbo Golf Racing roadmap

Hugecalf Studios is actively working on new content, dropping fairly soon. Expect more levels, cosmetics and Power Cores, plus Early Access Season 2, a New Biome, Cross-Platform Parties, Global Leaderboards, Private Lobbies and an Improved Quest system/rewards.

Be on the lookout for some fancy features on the horizon, too, including:

  • Early Access Season 3
  • Improved missiles and new pick-ups
  • Ranked Mode
  • New Games Modes (Duos?)
  • Platform Achievements
  • In-game Stats

Turbo Golf Racing is out now on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Previous on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Microsoft Store for £14.99/€17.99/$17.99. It’s also available via Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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