Turbo Golf Racing’s Season 3.1 update includes custom game options

There are also five new levels for the existing season and a host of smaller changes.
Turbo Golf Racing's Season 3.1 update adds custom events

The driving game that sees you try to putt your giant golf ball before others online, Turbo Golf Racing has received a mid-cycle update.

Currently in its third season, Twisted Space which began in April, 3.1 adds the ability to create custom matches with friends. 12 levels are selectable for up to eight players and even spectators, with customisable pick-ups, cores and bot settings.

Turbo Golf Racing Satellite Sprint

Two-part Shark and Sleet events have also been added, Grapple Hook core is now available and the Frost Beam and Air Strike pick-ups join the roster in the ever-improving title.

There are also a host of checks and balances, meaning the online leaderboards have been reset. The full changelog is below.

The game – currently available for PC and Xbox in a form of early access – will see a Season 4 as part of its rollout, which is set to add yet more content and a brand new game mode later this year. The 3.1 changelog highlights are below, but the full notes are massive.

Turbo Golf Racing Season 3.1 changelog highlights

  • Custom Games are upon us! With spectator functionality!
  • New pick ups have been added: Frost Beam and Air Strike!
  • The Sleet and Shark events are here, with 32 missions over 4 parts! Featuring 2 car bodies, 2 balls and 20 other cosmetics!
  • Grapple Hook core has been added!
  • Ranked system has been changed to New Skill.
  • Random rewards have been added, to obtain past rewards.
  • Core balancing for Double Dash, Hyper Glide, Quick Flip and Trail Blazer!
  • 5 new levels, including a community-designed level!
  • Various performance and optimisation improvements.
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