WATCH: The epic history of Kylotonn’s WRC games

With WRC Generations just days away from release, here’s the history of developer Kylotonn and how each WRC game has evolved over time from the development team.

See how it all started with the small Truck Racer title, turned into WRC 5 and then steadily grew year on year from there on.

In this video, you will also hear from:

Alain Jarniou – Creative Director at Kylotonn
Philippe Dassonville – Lead Vehicle Artist at Kylotonn
Nadia Francois – Producer and Studio Communications at Kylotonn
Lohan Blanc aka Nexl – Four-time WRC Esports victor

Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see from WRC Generations, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown and the next WRC instalments. Don’t forget to listen to our special WRC interview, in-depth, podcast, too.

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