WATCH: Let’s play TOCA Race Driver 3, Episode 4

Let’s play TOCA Race Driver 3, Episode 4

Within a bag of Revel chocolates, there are seven different varieties that you may pop into your mouth. These are orange, all chocolate, coffee, raisin, Malteser, toffee and Minstrel. It sounds like a lot of variety, and because you are going in blind, there’s a sense of discovery. I guess this is why blind bags for Lego models are also so popular, or football stickers.

You just don’t know what you will experience next.

The same is true of TOCA Race Driver 3. The variety of motorsport types is unprecedented. As you progress through each stage of the World Tour mode, you are presented with three choices, all unique in their own way. Plus, you’ve got no idea what’s coming next. Is it IndyCar? Baja Volkswagen Beetles? A Morgan GT car? Rallycross in a classic Alpine sportscar?

It turns out the answer is always ‘yes’. So, here we are, episode four of my journey through the weird and the wonderful. The automotive video game equivalent of a six-flavour multipack of crisps – TOCA Race Driver 3.

Watch episode four of our TOCA Race Driver 3 playthrough and let us know via social media what you would like to see in episode five. You can also watch episodes one, two and three.

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