WATCH: Hands-on with motorcycle sim TrackDayR

WATCH: Hands-on with motorcycle sim TrackDayR

Wow, this is a unique and interesting simulator experience.

Before you delve into our video of me playing the game for the very first time, I’d like to make it clear that this is a small game, developed by a small team and in the very early stages of development. TrackDayR might be available now via Steam Early Access, but I suspect this will be one of those games that still has a few years ahead of it before this phase is completed.

But, despite there being a lack of content at present and more than a few rough edges, there’s an understanding of motorcycle physics in here that has yet to be seen in any other experience. For example, should you when you fall from your bike, you then must run to it, haul it up back onto two wheels, push it and then jump start it. There’s also a button that can make your rider ‘give the bird’.

This is a sim unlike any other, which is why you should watch this video. If you thought MotoGP 20 or TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 were realistic, you’ve got another thing coming…

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