WATCH: iRacing First Look – Jerez and Ray Race Cars Formula 1600

We now know that teaser image back in January was, in fact, a peek at iRacing‘s new Ray Race Cars Formula 1600 – which is a long way to go about calling it a Formula Ford, but there’s probably similar licensing things to deal with similarly to how the iRacing IR-04 is not supposed to be called a Formula 4.

In iRacing’s latest video teaser posted on Tuesday (21st February), their new open-wheeler goes for a test lap around another new piece of content that’s expected to be coming soon, that being what we correctly guessed to be the Circuito de Jerez… what iRacing was teasing with colorful scan data as “Rainbow Road”.

The thumbnail says Season 2, which would mean that we may see both pieces of content in two weeks when the new build is expected, but nothing has been made official at this time.

As we can deduce in the video, it doesn’t look quite finished just yet. Maybe it is and this was taken at an earlier time, but the track in particular had a lot of “temporary laser scan data” which reminds me of the early version of Long Beach and the current tech track that is New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Jerez and Ray Race Cars Formula 1600, iRacing, Work in Progress

Also with the Formula 1600, the car looks to be fully rendered and modeled, but some animation particulars, like the tires and the movement of the car around the rumble strips… or kerbs… doesn’t seem to fully immerse just as of yet.

Either way, check out iRacing’s latest video and let us know your thoughts on what could be the first pieces of content coming in 2023 Season 2’s build. What else do you hope gets included? Let us know in the comments below!

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