WATCH: How much of a rallycross master is Andrew Coley?

Thomas Harrison-Lord
WATCH: How much of a rallycross master is Andrew Coley?

You may know him as the voice that powers rallycross and as a motorsport commentator across multiple different disciplines, but how good is Andrew Coley behind the wheel?

He may have had success in real-world in rallying, delivered performance driving training and even won a heat in the Swift Rallycross Championship, but is he skilled enough to navigate stages blind? Can he drive Lohéac from memory? Erm… nope.

Still, it’s fun watching him try, as Andrew Coley enters ‘The Matrix’. Or, just tries to drive in DiRT Rally 2.0 with tape over some sunglasses.

We weren’t done yet as we also wanted to test his expert rallycross knowledge. Does he know his Hansens from his Eklunds, his Erikssons from his Larsson, his Ekströms from his Tidemands. Okay, okay, I’ll stop naming Swedish rallycross drives now.

One rallycross aficionado. One set of questions. DiRT Rally 2.0 at Höljes. How many questions will Andrew Coley get right? Watch to find out…

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