Pick up Horizon Chase Turbo for free via the Epic Games Store

Pick up Horizon Chase Turbo for free via the Epic Games Store

Retro race, Horizon Chase Turbo, is free for PC users for a limited time on the Epic Games Store.

Released back in 2018 for PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4, Horizon Chase Turbo fuses 80s and 90s arcade vibes with bright colours and modern vehicles designs.

In something that apes titles such as OutRun and can be considered a rival to Hotshot Racing, you blast along 109 different fictional layouts from a chase-cam perspective, drifting around corners and dodging rivals – all set to a gloriously over-the-top soundtrack.

There’s an in-depth World Tour career mode, online leaderboards and up to four-player split-screen multiplayer. There is also a mobile cousin available, simply called Horizon Chase.

For all Horizon Chase Turbo Players, between the 29th June and 26th July, you can collect 20 free vehicle skins, thanks to a ‘Complete Your Collection’ in-game season filled with new challenges. For mobile players, eight special and 12 standard skins will be available to collect. One will unlock each day, Monday to Friday, across the 20 day period.

It can be entertaining, especially if you remember some classic racers of yore. If you have a PC with the requisite specs and an Epic Games Account, the game is completely free to add to your library from later today, 24th June, until the 1st July 2021.

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